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SSIS celebrates more than two decades of excellence and anticipates more successes in the years ahead. The school wants to recognize our students’ relentless effort in living up to the School Motto of “Strive for Excellence”.

In order to recognise Grade 11 and 12 IBDP students with a drive for excellence and strong academic results, the school launched the SSIS IBDP Scholarship last year. The scholarship is renewable at the end of Year 11 based on the maintenance of excellent academic achievement and community involvement.

This upcoming academic year, the school is happy to announce the offering of 2 more categories of scholarships for outstanding students. Grade 7 – 11 students can apply for these 2 scholarships.

  • SSIS Athletic Scholarship 
  • SSIS Performing Arts Scholarship

Amongst other things, scholarship holders can look forward to receiving between 50 – 100% tuition cover for the school year of AY 2019-2020.

All scholarships are now open to new and existing SSIS students who meet the eligibility criteria. Current scholarship holders have to submit the required renewal form.


Please refer to the following documents for the application/renewal of the scholarships.



  1. Fully complete the scholarship application form above.
  • Scholarship applications by existing SSIS students must be fully completed and submitted by the published deadline.
  • Students applying as a new enrolment to SSIS may apply for a scholarship prior to enrolment.
  1. A copy of previous school reports, certificates and/or transcripts must be submitted for new and existing SSIS students.
  1. Attach the required personal statement (essay), completed in the student’s own words.
  1. Attach Teacher or Principal recommendation letter for new and existing SSIS students.
  1. Submit additional portfolio/ documentation. (eg. External Prizes and Awards, Sports Achievements etc.)
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