Sports Overview

Sport is an integral part of the educational experience at SSIS. By participating in our physical education curriculum and after school sports programmes, students can strengthen skills, learn commitment, and cultivate discipline. Students also learn about teamwork, collaboration and compromises – skillsets that will be useful and relevant in their adult life.

SSIS is proud to be a member of the following inter-scholastic associations:

This multi-inclusive sports organisation includes all Shanghai-based international schools. The programme’s goal is to foster individual and team excellence in a cooperative, friendly and enjoyable environment among all participating students. This sporting association encourages fair play and provides opportunity for everyone to play in a safe environment – regardless of skill level. The sports that we currently participate in are touch rugby, football, cross-country running, table tennis, floor hockey, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, badminton, track and field, and basketball.

The organisation provides seasonal sports competitions and activities, in a well-chaperoned environment, for the students of international schools in Shanghai. The teams are competitive and are selected by the coaches based on skill levels and commitment. The sports include volleyball, cross Country, basketball, table tennis, football, and badminton.

The ACAMIS Sports League is designed to allow students to experience and participate in cooperative and competitive sports. It provides a safe environment, and allows students the opportunity to travel and make new friends. The three major sporting activities are volleyball, basketball, and football. 

The Sabres Swim Team compete regularly within the Shanghai Swim League (SSL), which was set up for all international schools in Shanghai. There has been enormous growth and now includes schools from Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing, which makes for over 32 schools in the highly competitive league. SSL events take place throughout the year, usually in rounds and end with the SSL Championships and then the annual Long Course Meet at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. 


Golf holds a unique place here at SSIS, as we’re the only international school in Shanghai that offers children an opportunity to learn and grow their game as part of their curriculum. Besides, our students have access to top-rate equipment and facilities, including on-course instructions at the Sun Island Kunshan Golf Club – a 27-hole championship course.



The SSIS Go Swim Programme provides students with a unique opportunity to learn swimming from an early age. We are committed to ensuring our students acquire a useful life skill, train from a young age, and we provide the best resources to facilitate recreational and competitive swimming.



All of our students have access to top-notch, on-campus facilities – an indoor Aquatic Centre, a fully equipped fitness room, a natural-grass football pitch, an outdoor track, a gymnastics room, an indoor gymnasium, as well as multi-purpose spaces for our various sports programmes.

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