Child Protection & Campus Safety

Prioritising Your Child’s Safety

We create a safe environment where parents will be 100 per cent assured with entrusting their child into our care. We are happy to receive any feedback from you to further enhance the safe and healthy environment we have at SSIS.


At all times and in every situation, a child must feel safe, and we must protect them from any circumstance or practice that may result in the compromise of their physical or emotional well-being. While under our watch, we are responsible for the care, welfare and safety of the children in our school. 

Under the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child and according to our Guiding Statements, we recognise that it’s our duty to protect children from harm and to respond to concerns of child abuse.



We continually upgrade our services – food allergen labelling, segregation of bathroom facilities, bus rides and cyber wellness – to make our school a safer and happier place for your child.

  • Campus Safety Committee

The Campus Safety Committee – made up of school administrators and Operation Managers meet on a monthly basis to scrutinise all aspects of Campus Safety such as bus safety, equipment and facilities.

  • CPR and AED Training for Staff

Constant training is crucial not just in a professional capacity, but also in the management of safety during emergencies. Our staff undergo yearly courses on First Aid, CPR and AED training so that we are ready when called upon during an unexpected medical situation.


  • Kitchen ISO 22000 Certification

SSIS has successfully earned the ISO 22000 Certification, which validates the high level of standards our kitchen staff and the team of chefs have achieved. We are proud of their stringent international standards in the management and conduct of our kitchen, hygiene standards and procedures.

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