Junior Golf Skill Level Test

China Golf Association Junior Golf Skill Level Test @ SSIS

Shanghai Singapore International School (SSIS), in partnership with our official training golf course, Kunshan Sun Island, has been designated as an official test center for the China Golf Association Junior Golf Skill Level Test. This prestigious recognition allows us to offer testing opportunities for young golfers seeking to showcase their skills and progress in the sport.

Testing Levels:

  • SSIS: Levels 1 to 3
  • Kunshan Sun Island: Levels 4 and above

What are Junior Golf Rating Standards?

“Junior Golf Rating Standards” is an industry standard developed by industry experts organised by the China Golf Association in accordance with the requirements of the state to enhance the sports skills of the youth. The “Grade Standard” is measured based on the growth and development characteristics of young individuals and the rules of sports training, following the principle of gradual progress. It is divided into three stages: the entry stage, improvement stage, and professional stage. Each stage consists of one to three levels, forming a “three stages and nine levels” system pattern. The “Grade Standard” has officially become the benchmark for national youth golf practice and evaluation, providing guidance for young golf enthusiasts to learn and enhance their golf skills.

“Junior Golf Skill Grade Standard” (hereinafter referred to as “Standard”). This “standard” adopts 4 grade and 12 levels in total. Among them, levels 1-3 are entry-level, 4-6 are advanced, and 7-9 are professional.

Teenagers are currently assessed till level 9.

Why should children be encouraged to take the level test?

Encouraging children to participate in the golf level test provides purpose and structure to their training, allowing them to set clear goals and develop skills in a focused manner. By obtaining grade certificates, children experience a sense of achievement and gain confidence and motivation to continue improving. Being part of the early stages of the evolving level test offers advantages as they can benefit from the resources and support that will be refined over time. Embracing the opportunities of the level test enhances golfing abilities, instills important values, and fosters a lifelong love for the sport.

Aligned Curriculum:

Our golf curriculum at SSIS is thoughtfully designed to align with the testing requirements. We ensure that our students receive comprehensive training and skill development, preparing them to excel in the Junior Golf Skill Level Test. By integrating the testing criteria into our regular courses, we provide our students with the necessary knowledge and practice to succeed.

Voluntary Testing:

Participation in the Junior Golf Skill Level Test is voluntary and open to all interested students. It offers a valuable opportunity for young golfers to assess their abilities, set goals, and showcase their progress. Please note that a testing fee will be incurred for each level.

Test Standards

LevelSubject 1Subject 2Subject 3Subject 4Subject 5Subject 6
130 yards range shot
240 yards range shotPutting skill
350/40 yards range shotPutting skill15 yards chip
4Driver shot90/60 yards range shotPutting skill20 yards chip
5Driver shot110/80 yards range shotPutting skill25 yards chipBunker shot
6Driver shot130/110 yards range shotPutting skill30 yards chipBunker shot9 holes (stroke play)
7Driver shot150/130 yards range shotPutting skill30 yards chipBunker shot18 holes (stroke play)
8Driver shot150/130 yards range shotPutting skill30 yards chipBunker shot18 holes (stroke play)
9Three rounds of 18 holes (stroke play)

Testing Fees (for SSIS Students)

Level 1Exam fee ¥180Site Fee ¥0 (At SSIS)
Level 2Exam fee ¥180Site Fee ¥0 (At SSIS)
Level 3Exam fee ¥180Site Fee ¥0 (At SSIS)
Level 4Exam fee ¥260Site Fee ¥300 (At Kunshan Sun Island)
Level 5Exam fee ¥260Site Fee ¥300 (At Kunshan Sun Island)
*Level 6 and above fees vary slightly depending on course and date.

How to register for the test?

Download the mobile APP of Da Zheng Golf, fill in the information, and register. The specific process is as follows:

For more information, please contact the SSIS Golf Instructor at 8621-62216348/golf@ssis.asia

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