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Safe, Reliable, Convenient and Comfortable


SSIS school bus team provides optional regular school bus services for students to and from school in cooperation with professional bus companies. SSIS school bus team hopes school bus is not only a transportation vehicle but also a place where students can extend their joyful school time. Thus, we will do our best to provide a safe, reliable, convenient and comfortable school bus services.


SSIS School Bus Fleet


There are over 70 school buses which are equipped with driving recorder, CCTV camera, GPS tracking systems, First Aid and emergency supplies. Each bus is supervised by a well-trained school bus monitor, who manages students’ behavior as well as contacts parents in an emergency. All students who register with SSIS school bus service are required to read the School Bus Regulations carefully before the school commencement date. (Regulations)


Pick Up Locations


SSIS school buses serve about 300 neighborhoods in 11 districts of Shanghai.

  • Please click here for school bus schedules.


After School Programme (ASP) School Bus Service


SSIS provides a free bus drop off to 5 locations. Should you wish to use these drop off points, you need to indicate this clearly on the consent form you return.  Should you wish to change buses, notification needs to be given by PARENTS via email, text or written note 2 days prior to the travel date.  Students are expected to be in full school or sport uniform when boarding the bus at 5.10pm AND when they get off at their drop off location.

  • Please click here for ASP school bus drop off points.



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