Professional Development

We’re big on professional development and bolstering passion. We are a school that values a life-long love of learning for both our students and faculty, and we focus heavily on faculty education.

Professional development occurs throughout the school year and can be conducted internally or applied for externally. Teachers can search for specific PD courses or be recommended to attend PD based on the school’s priorities. Besides, during staff appraisal meetings, teachers can raise personal PD requests or needs.

Internal PDs are conducted at least twice a year, where staff share with their colleagues about the latest research, pedagogy or most recent training attended. Moreover, divisions use contact time and department time to share content, IT platform or other divisional-specific training that’s useful for all members.


Conducted twice a year, peer coaching topics here range from classroom management, collaborative and differentiated teaching, use of technology to enhance education and communication, as well as interest areas such as cooking and sports.

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