Parent Support Group

Our Partners in Education; SSIS believes in a strong home-school partnership, and this relationship is pertinent to student success. The school actively engages parents through different channels of communications, collaborates with Parent Support Group on school events, and models lifelong learning through parent education workshops.


“We are committed to enriching the life of our children and the SSIS community through involvement and support of educational, social and charity events, and activities outside of the school curriculum.”


Here, the school and parents acknowledge that the latter plays a vital role in the success of a child’s education. We believe that effective collaboration between the school and families is an essential foundation to help reinforce positive attitudes, and values, that our students can emulate to support their personal development growth. What’s more, a strong SSIS community bond between school and families will help ensure that our students grow, not only in pride as an SSIS student but also in confidence on their journey to being productive citizens of the world.


The Parent Support Group (PSG) is a platform where parents can volunteer their time and effort to enrich the life of the students and the SSIS community. Each year, the PSG Exco Committee plans and organises several fun events, while parent volunteers come together to share talents, skills and expertise. Should you wish to volunteer or participate in these events, please contact the PSG Exco Committee at

Regular activities organised by the PSG include: Book Week, Santa’s Workshop, Chinese New Year Celebration, International Friendship Day, Teacher’s Appreciation lunch and International Family Bazaar.


As part of SSIS’s commitment to working with parents as partners and modelling life-long learning, the school offers several workshops to parents during the year. These workshops are delivered by teaching staff, parent volunteers and external providers, and it covers parenting, academic topics and other exciting topics. We hope that parents can join us in the quest for lifelong passions and learning together as a whole community.