Senior School News

T1W4 – 23 September 2022

Dear Senior School parents,

Last week we recognised and celebrated the achievements of our Scholarship recipients for the academic year 2022-23. From Academics, Aesthetics, Athletics and Technology, our scholars are role models and leaders that go beyond the confines of an examination syllabus, do the extra hour of practice, reach out to that quiet team member, and use their skills to really make a difference to the SSIS community. A new initiative from this academic year, is the requirement of all Scholarship recipients to introduce an initiative that further develops and embeds Scholarship in their discipline. 

Our Scholarship recipients understand that while past achievements contributed to the award of the Scholarship, the success of their tenure of Scholarship winners is based on what they do this year to give back to the SSIS community. “Success is not always determined by what you do while you hold the position or the role, but more often than not, Success is determined by the initiatives, systems and legacy you leave behind once your tenure in the role is over” I am looking forward to the legacy this year’s Scholars will leave behind.   

In the past two days, Senior School students have stayed overnight at the school or Sun Island as part of our annual Orientation Character & Leadership camps. A massive thank you to all staff involved in planning and delivering these start-of-year camps. It is fantastic to see the students eagerly taking part in new activities and taking on new leadership roles. A special thank you to the camp organisers Mr. Herring, Mr. Cole and Mr. Nilan. 

Uniform Reminder

  • A reminder that the Smart uniform includes black shoes and black socks for all Senior School students 

In advance of the national holiday staring on Saturday 1st October, have a restful and restorative break. 

Mr Steven Gaynor, Senior School Principal

Dates for your Diary

  • Thursday 22nd – Friday 23rd September: G7&8 Character & Leadership Orientation Camp at SSIS
  • Friday 23rd – Saturday 24th September: G9&10 Character & Leadership Orientation Camp at SSIS, G11&12 Character & Leadership Orientation Camp at Sun Island
  • Saturday 24th September: SSL Swim Round 1
  • Friday 30th September: Managebac tutorial for parents (11:00), Last day of school before October National Holiday
  • Thursday 6th October: Return to school after October National Holiday

Student Wellbeing

Dear parents,

Still early days but a busy start of year. At SSIS, we are proud to promote a number of initiatives which empower students to take the lead, step out of their comfort zones and develop their public speaking skills. This week, we interviewed our senior students for House Captains whilst during the Student Council (SC) Elections, candidates delivered speeches before votes were collated. In our next assembly, we will present to the student body the new House Captains, SC reps as well as Sabres Crew, Sabres Crew Creative and BYOS. We ask that parents equally encourage students to get out, get active and get involved. 

At the same time, whilst technology is the gateway to research, resources and can be used to enhance study, we want parents to be proactive with their child’s use of the laptop/mobile phones. Students should also understand that they cannot take photos/videos of others without their consent. In pastoral lessons, this week, we touched on digital citizenship & reinforced safe use of social media, an awareness of acceptable standards of behaviour on devices & healthy relationships with online friends.  

We were most happy to meet with our Grade 7 parents last week and present healthy strategies for helping our younger ones acclimatise to senior school and talk about what students have to look forward to over the next few weeks. Stay tuned as it is going to be fun & memorable. 

Ms Shireen Naidoo, Senior School Assistant Principal

Academic Coordinators

This week has been very busy indeed as students were busy organising themselves for the Character and Leadership Camp. We also held an onsite seminar with Grade 7 parents and it was fantastic to share ideas with the school community. The camp has provided opportunities for students to develop their character and leadership skills. Also, it was great to hear so many top quality speeches for the Student Council elections. Congratulations to the appointees!    

Mr David Herring, CLSP Coordinator

It has been a busy start to the year, but the students are rapidly settling in and getting on with the regular business of learning. We have nearly reached the start of the Grade 9 and 10 Character & Leadership Camp, and this year we have some of our Grade 10 students volunteering to help out with Leadership Activities for their peers to participate in – we’re excited to see what they come up with and proud of them for taking the initiative. We are also nearing the start of our After School Programme and we encourage all students to peruse the offerings and find something that suits their interests. While academic studies are very important in the IGCSE years, these additional opportunities are a key part of the holistic education we offer at SSIS.

Mr Andrew Cole, IGCSE Coordinator

The recent DP Parent Information Night was a success and it was a joy to see so many smiling faces. We are all part of the same community, and it is truly an honor to support your children on this learning journey. A milestone of this journey is approaching with DP Character and Leadership Camp, which for the G11 and G12 is a unique experience. What makes it unique? As one of their CAS experiences, G12s plan the activities and make the schedule for the G11s. This is a wonderful opportunity for the G12 student to gain confidence and leadership experience. While Mr. Nilan, Mrs. Lau and myself will be present along with other teacher chaperones to guide them, the creativity and knowledge is largely coming from the older students themself, and in this way, they are giving back to the community that they are such an important part of. 

Mr Adam Kent Crossley, IBDP Coordinator



Please ensure your students are ready for the daily COVID test and take a test on Sunday morning in preparation for a return to school on Monday. If your child is absent, please email your child’s form teacher as soon as possible with a reason. Please also directly state whether your child has a fever or no fever. It is a Shanghai Education Committee requirement for all schools to record attendance and reasons for absence.

A reminder that students should arrive at school wearing smart shoes and ties. While the weather is hot, students are not required to wear their school blazers.

Please email me with any questions you may have, and we can arrange a follow-up phone call through my PA Katharine Chen.

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