Message from Campus Principal (Operations)

T2W4 – 12 Jan 2024

Dear SSIS families,  

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2024, and we would like to begin by extending our warmest wishes for a prosperous and happy new year to all of you! 

Health Reminders: 
As we enter the usual flu season, it is important to note that some students may develop a fever while at school. In such cases, parents will be informed and requested to bring their child home. We encourage all students to prioritize their well-being by ensuring they have plenty of fluids and rest before returning to school. Practicing good hygiene, including wearing masks and regular handwashing, plays a significant role in preventing the spread of illnesses. 

Air Quality Update: 
In recent weeks, we have experienced poor air quality conditions. We want to assure parents that we closely monitor air quality readings throughout the day and make necessary adjustments to outdoor activities to protect the well-being of our students. 

Safety Drills: 
The safety of our students is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, regular evacuation and lockdown drills are conducted as part of our safety protocols. Each term, we review these procedures with our students and staff to ensure everyone is well-prepared and takes these drills seriously. We kindly remind all parents and guests that if a drill occurs while you are on the school premises, please follow the instructions of our staff and actively participate in the drills to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Traffic Update: 
We are closely monitoring the traffic conditions outside Gate 1, particularly during peak hours. We kindly request that private car owners refrain from parking along the pedestrian crossing, as this can cause inconvenience for our students who walk to school. Let us display considerate behavior and prioritize the safety of all road users. 

As we embark on this new year, we wish everyone a fantastic start to 2024. May it be filled with success, productivity, and memorable achievements for each of us! 

Warm regards, 

Greetings from SSIS Admissions Office!
2024-07-13 14:33:26
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