Class of 2024 Graduate Highlight – Lee Sangmin

Meet Sangmin, a remarkable student at SSIS and recipient of the IBDP Merit Scholarship. With a strong academic record, Sangmin’s achievements extend beyond the classroom. As Vice President in the Student Council and a participant in extracurricular activities like the concert band and basketball team, he embodies the spirit of a well-rounded student

Moreover, his dedication and hard work have earned him prestigious university offers, including one from Tsinghua University.

University Offers

· Tsinghua University

· University of Edinburgh

· University of Hong Kong

· University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

· University of Manchester

· University of Toronto

Read his full interview:

Future aspirations

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by how engineering turns abstract ideas into reality. As I grew up, I was able to witness all my childhood dreams coming true, from driverless cars to robots serving dishes in restaurants. These experiences inspired me to pursue chemical engineering as my major, hoping to make my own dream a reality: creating a plastic with minimal environmental impact. I want to become a pioneer in the field of plastic synthesis to discover new methods that minimise the environmental effects of microplastics.

SSIS’s impact and support

SSIS has helped me attain qualities of a future global leader, especially by being a well-rounded and balanced student. SSIS has not only provided us with programmes and facilities for academics, but it has also allowed us to pursue our own interests in extracurricular activities, such as sports or music. Grasping several extracurricular opportunities provided by the school, such as After School Programmes or student-led clubs, has allowed me to improve myself as a well-rounded and balanced student.

Also, the support from the staff members has led me through several setbacks, especially during the university application process. The University Guidance team has always provided me with immediate and clear answers to any questions I had during the application process, guiding me to successfully complete challenging application processes.

What will be missed the most

I will definitely miss all my friends the most. They have supported me through the tough journey of IB. Despite how stressful the day was, playing basketball with my friends for only 30 minutes during lunchtime was enough for me to release all my stress and refresh my mind. The bonds that I established with my friends through group projects and after-school activities are the most valuable experiences at SSIS.

Besides friends, I will also miss the sense of community and familiarity that SSIS has brought to me every day, guiding me through hardships and setbacks. I hope to keep in touch with all my friends and teachers even after I graduate.

Advice for juniors in university search

Time management is crucial. As you start the university application process in Year 12, deadlines often clash with your academic tasks. So, I strongly encourage you to conduct enough research on the complexity of the application process, such as how many essays each school requires or the documents that need to be submitted. Then, it is really helpful to come up with a solid plan that balances your academic workload and the university application process.

Also, when looking for universities you want to study at, I recommend asking your teachers for help. For example, if you are looking for a university in a specific city or country, it is really helpful to find a teacher who studied in the same city and ask not only about the university itself but also about the lifestyle and culture of that specific city.

As Sangmin embarks on the next chapter of his life, we have no doubt that his passion, determination, and leadership will continue to propel him towards even greater achievements. We congratulate him on his well-deserved success and wish him all the best as he pursues his dreams.

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