Reading Extravaganza 2023 – Reading is an Adventure!

On Monday, the annual Reading Extravaganza kicked off with Book Character Dress Up Day. Dinosaurs, princesses, wizards and superheroes walked out of pages and into the classrooms. It was certainly a magical start to an extraordinary week dedicated to fostering a love for reading and literacy!

The Reading Extravaganza aims to promote the activity of reading, and also cultivates a positive attitude towards reading, and encourages the development of good reading habits which support lifelong learning.

A child who loves reading develops an inquisitive mind, a vivid imagination, and exceptional problem-solving skills, all of which lay the foundation for future success in both academic and adult life.

To celebrate reading, our Preschoolers had parents as guest speakers come to the classrooms and read stories to them. They also enjoyed two wonderful plays put on by their teachers.

Our Primary School students enjoyed ‘Drop Everything and Read’, the Book Face Competition, the Book in a Jar contest, and Pajama Day to promote bedtime reading. Mr. Jason Browne, our Chief Librarian, and Ms. Nalaysha Jenkins, our Primary English HOD, hosted storytelling events during assembly and led a Book Parade, adding further excitement to the week.

Our Senior school students enjoyed the first ever Inter-House Oscars, showcasing book-to-film adaptations created by the students and culminating in awards for outstanding performances.

Additionally, Senior school students devoted time to reading Chinese stories to the younger students in Primary, creating a heartwarming inter-school bonding experience.

Overall, it was an adventurous week of celebrating reading, filled with fun activities and inspirational stories.

A big cheer for the Reading Extravaganza Committee, staff, and the entire SSIS community for their enthusiastic participation in making the event a resounding success.  

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