NatureFest: A Rainbow of Fun and Connection

NatureFest, the much-anticipated SSIS celebration of community and nature, created lasting memories for our families and students! This year, the 2nd Annual NatureFest brought our preschool families together for an unforgettable experience of nature-learning and quality time together. Each class was assigned a vibrant colour of the rainbow, and families embraced the theme by dressing in their designated colours.

Throughout the event, everyone engaged in nature-related and hands-on activities, enjoyed a delightful picnic and even ‘camp’ together. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the day was when the sun began to set, and everyone gathered in a circle to listen to captivating storytelling by a ‘fire,’ while indulging in the creation of their own scrumptious s’mores. NatureFest truly exemplified a day of unity and connection for the SSIS Preschool Family!

At SSIS Preschool, we recognise and value the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education. We believe that when parents actively participate in school events, it strengthens the bond between home and school. This bond fosters strong relationships and communication pathways that enable us to do the most important job of all-support our learners. Throughout the year, we organise various occasions to invite parents to join us in celebrating special milestones and be ‘stronger together’!

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