The Aesthetic Programme provides students opportunities in artistic endeavours that include art, dance, drama and music. The school offers multi-levelled aesthetics activities for students, and a forum to showcase their talent both within the school and out in the greater community.


“Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together.” – John Ruskin

At SSIS, Art is used not only to teach various practical artistic skills but to motivate our students to view the world in an inspired way – with freedom, enjoyment and an appreciation of beauty.

Our students have the opportunity to showcase their talent as artists in art exhibitions within the campus, and are encouraged to take part in art competitions organised by external associations.


The SSIS Performing Arts Programme is a specialised curriculum comprising three areas of aesthetic pursuits: music, drama and dance. Platforms such as musical productions, festival celebrations, International Family Days, Student Talent competitions, summer concerts and external community performances provide students with multifold opportunities to hone their skills and to shine on stage.


For the Music Programme, each student gets to learn different musical instruments at different grades – within a small group setting – as well as the opportunity to follow a programme of general music. The plan includes vocal music, theory and music appreciation. We expose students to a range of Western and Eastern instruments, which allows them to discover one they might love, and to become a life-long music learner. Technology plays a significant role within the Music Programmes at SSIS; we teach students how to use the latest professional music notation and recording applications.

SSIS is also a testing centre for the Associated Board Royale School of Music (ABRSM) exams; this allows students to participate in two professional-level music tests every year.


SSIS gears the drama classes toward the development of young performers who can create, collaborate, lead, communicate, and who have steadfast confidence in themselves. Through the use of a practicum-based curriculum – provided in a positive and safe space – students can explore ways to be expressive, discover their character, and gain a greater insight into their creative selves.

SSIS produces a variety of drama productions every year, where students take the stage and perform for audiences made up of the student community, family and extended community. Students also get to act and film their productions, some of which have won awards at the annual Shanghai Student Film Festival.


The Dance Curriculum is a specialised subject comprising three areas of aesthetic pursuits: artistic characteristics, aestheticism and the unique nature of the art of dancing. It aims to develop joy in movement and to discover how to communicate emotion and feelings through movement. Students will experience a greater awareness of self with the help of music from different cultural origins.


SSIS students enjoy expressing themselves in various art facilities. Our Aquatic Centre features newly built multi-purpose Dance and Drama Rooms, while our main campus building houses the music education rooms and a 200-seater auditorium.

Our newly inaugurated Performing Arts Centre can house 646 patrons. It features a meticulously designed orchestra pit, comprehensive audio-visual systems and music studios.


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