SSIS Students Tops at Shanghai Film Festival 2022

SSIS students once again scooped the most awards at the Shanghai Student Film Festival across the three age groups. We won an impressive 15 first place awards and five second place awards. Schools across China participate in the annual festival. This year is the 15th film festival for international school students. Last year our students also received the most awards for their filmmaking.  

The panel of judges consists of previous winners and film teachers from across the world who have, at some point, been involved with the film festival over the last 15 years. They are all volunteers and at least two judges watch every film entered. They are all marked according to a rubric for creativity, visual effectiveness, narrative/filmmaker’s vision and sound, which includes music used.  

Once again SSIS has been one of the most successful schools in this Film Festival and has shown how well it integrates technology throughout the whole school, with winners coming from lower primary right through to Grade 12.

Simon Jackson, DP Film, English and Drama Teacher

1st place

High School Category

  • Comedy – ‘Run Around’ by Gina KIM, Jonas CHANG, Gabriel RAMOS
  • Learning Showcase – ‘Growth Mindset’ by Alex LEE
  • Original Music – ‘No Plan’ by Andy SHIN, Gina KIM, Jonas CHANG, Gabriel RAMOS

Middle School Category

  • Documentary/PSA – ‘If…’ by Hyunjun Jason LEE, Arnold CHAO, Naina SUWAKUMAR, Maryam ZUBAIR SIDDIQUI
  • Comedy – ‘The Chef’ by LIM Siew Wei, LEE Hyunjun Jason, TAN Sheng Yit, HSIEH Fu Lin, LOW Yu Kai
  • Thriller/Horror – ‘The Radio’ by Manasvi SHARMA
  • Animation – ‘Tree’s Dream’ by En Qi TEO, Jaeyun KIM
  • Video Art – ‘Trumbleweed’ by Hugh WEN, HOO Zhi Yee
  • Comedy – ‘The Chef’ by LIM Siew Wei, LEE Hyunjun Jason, TAN Sheng Yit, HSIEH Fu Lin, LOW Yu Kai
  • Learning Showcase – ‘Speeded’ by Hugh WEN, HOO Zhi Yee, XIAO Dunzhigao
  • Learning Showcase – ‘Covid Project’ by Alex LIU, Anna TAKEDA
  • Music Video – ‘Shake That Cat’ by Bella and Max JACKSON, Matilda and Henry HAYES

Elementary School Category

  • Animation – ‘Tristan’s Crazy Sandwich’ by Tristan CROSSLEY
  • Comedy – ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ by Albert YU, Chi Heng CHUNG
  • Drama – ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ by Jui Jung CHAN, Fei TENG, Jenifer LIANG
  • Drama – ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ by Yun Su KIM, Jimin KIM, Taylor WANG

2nd place

High School Category

  • Music Video – ‘No Plan’ by Andy SHIN, Gina KIM, Jonas CHANG, Gabriel RAMOS

Middle School Category

  • Comedy – ‘The Crying Child’ by Kalyan CHANDRASEKARAN
  • Animation – ‘City Tree’ by Chi Yee LEE, Jun Hyeok HEO
  • Drama – ‘Underwater’ by Rena TONG, Venizse BUQUID, KIM Jaehee
  • Music Video – ‘Black Holes and Stars’ by Crystal LEE

3rd place

High School Category

  • Learning Showcase – ‘Physics’ by Paarth SHARMA, Saanvi RAVI, James LEE, Chen Wei GOH, Zoe JUNG

Congratulations to all the students and a big thank you to all the teachers who supported them with their films! 

See the full list of winners and the films here:  

At SSIS, we have a varied Aesthetics programme—dance, visual arts, music, drama, film—which allows students full creative expression of their talents, and the resources and curriculum to develop their technique and abilities. 

Know more about our Aesthetics Programme.

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