Pathway to Success

Being able to enroll in a college of choice – one that is well-ranked, reputable and addresses career goals and aspirations – is something Senior School faculty and university guidance counsellors at SSIS work hard to achieve for each student.

The SSIS Counselling Team aims to help our students find success in school and to support them through tailor-made, individualised college plans aimed at connecting students to pathways and college programmes they are passionate about pursuing.

In partnership with teachers, parents, and the community, our counsellors facilitate the support system to ensure all students at SSIS are prepared and have access to the broadest range of future educational and career options.

We encourage parents to be part of the process by attending our Annual University Fair and joining us at counselling guidance workshops to discuss the college application process and admissions planning for students. 


Structured Social-emotional Learning Programme 

Our Social-emotional Learning Programme focuses on decision making, social awareness and resilience in Grades 7 and 8. In later grades we give students the opportunity to learn and reflect on their own personal development looking at both mind and body, wellness, relationships and skills.

University Application Counselling

Our Senior School students receive advice on career and university admission requirements through individual counselling and university preparation class by our counsellors.

We organise presentations by guest speakers and visiting university admissions personnel regularly.

University application counseling also involves One-to-One Academic Advice. Students meet one to one with their counsellor to develop their university school list, craft their university personal statement and essays, prepare for application interviews and receive advice on accepting university offers.


University visits are crucial to our SSIS students, and each year, we have an estimated 150+ universities visiting our campus. These visits allow our students to find out more about the world’s leading institutions, and also gives these leading universities a chance to get to know our school and students better.


Career Day is a chance for our Senior School students to find information about different career paths, and also to learn more about some of the skills and competencies they will need in the future. They will hear from various guest speakers and interact with them via Q&A sessions.


We encourage parents to be part of the process and to join us at counselling guidance workshops to discuss the college application process and admissions planning for students. 

Our team of counsellors host these workshops. They bring over 40+ years of educational experience, and have global perspectives gained from attending counselling conferences both in Asia and around the world, and thus have the most up to date knowledge and best practice to ensure our students succeed.

 “At SSIS, we focus on the whole child to understand which institutions will best fit their talents, goals, and aspirations for personal and professional growth as they transition into their next life journey. ”

Mr. Daniel GOULD (University Guidance Counsellor and Head of Counselling)


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