Activities Programmes (CCA & ASP)

We believe holistic education requires the stretching of boundaries, and as such SSIS encourages all students to get involved in the after-school opportunities available in our CCA and ASP Programmes.


For Grade 1 – 6 students

The SSIS CCA Programme allows Primary School students to develop their leadership qualities, augment their social skills and practise the school’s learner profile.

This programme also allows students to broaden their horizons, try new things, and develop positive interaction between themselves and teachers in a more non-academic environment.

Each term, we offer a range of activities ranging from sports (Floor Hockey, Gymnastics, Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Rock Climbing and Badminton), to aesthetics (Dance, Creative Drama, Gu Zheng, Singing and Performing, Xylophone and Orchestra), and to special interests (STEAM Club, Knitting Club, Lego Building Club, Origami and Scrapbooking Club). This ensures students have a plethora of choices.

CCAs take place during school hours, and offerings change each term. We share CCA offerings at the end of each semester, and parents can sign up for the preferred CCA for their child(ren) on the SchoolsBuddy app.


For All Students

After school activities are provided to enrich the student learning experience by allowing them to develop new skills, make friends, and have fun without leaving campus. The programmes vary from areas such as Curricular Enrichment, Performing Arts, Creative Arts, Recreation and Athletics. We believe that these areas will help to strengthen the student’s attributes of the SSIS Learner Profile.

There are five seasons of ASP in an academic year, and activities vary according to teachers’ expertise. We share seasonal ASP offerings before registration on the SchoolsBuddy platform.