Academics Overview

A Seamless K-12 Journey

SSIS develops students with a passion for life and a love for lifelong learning. We nurture all-rounded students with a sense of their responsibilities to the world, and we develop globally-minded citizens with a robust set of value systems.

We achieve this through our K to Grade 12 journey – from Preschool to Senior School – where students are exposed to an interwoven curriculum that prepares them for each stage of promotion and participation. We ensure that the transition to each higher grade is seamless; we provide the solid foundation both in and out of classrooms to ensure they’re ready to matriculate.

SSIS Programme Overview

Grade LevelProgrammeCourse of Study
Grade 11 and 12IBDP ProgrammeTwo years
Grade 9 and 10IGCSE ProgrammeTwo years
Grade 7 and 8Cambridge Lower Secondary ProgrammeTwo years
Grade 1 to 6Primary School ProgrammeSix years
Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2Preschool ProgrammeFour years

SSIS Academic Integrity

Academic honesty is a set of values and skills that promote personal integrity and good practice in teaching and learning. Students at SSIS learn to appreciate the merits of academic honesty and are taught to be fully aware of the consequences of dishonest behaviour.

In this digital and connected era, our teachers provide awareness and application of academic integrity even from Primary School, so that it becomes second nature for our students. Collaboration (working together to obtain information for a common goal), is an open and cooperative behaviour that’s encouraged. Plagiarism, on the other hand, is an act where someone else’s work is copied without credit. Failing to observe the standard academic norm of acknowledging the work of others will lead to punitive consequences.