Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies | G7 Cultural Fair

The Grade 7 students celebrated the culmination of a year-long, cross-curricular project this week at the 2019 Cultural Fair.

The students created project boards highlighting research and learning from across multiple classes about a specific culture they were assigned early in the school year. 

Much of the research that went in to the project reinforced the concepts the students learned in G7 Geography this year such as physical geography, climate, government, economics, and recognizing other unique cultural traits. 

The board also included research the students collected from a number of other classes as well. 

In Science the students researched energy use, in Art they focused on a specific artifact as a symbol of their assigned culture and applied their learning about painting to the project, in History they learned how to build original timelines, in Drama it was the mythology, and English supported with some of the writing.

Many of the students wore traditional costumes and prepared traditional foods. All in all, the students pulled their learning and research together to present their culture projects to the SSIS community. 

As talented SSIS student musicians played a variety of music, the teachers, students, and parents toured through the projects our Grade 7 students had built while they eagerly shared information and highlighted the unique aspects of their research. 

We are proud of our students’ hard work and the wonderful collaboration among the teaching staff to work together to enhance student learning in engaging ways.

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