Discover Your Future: The World University Fair at SSIS

Each year, our University Guidance Team organises the World University Fair for Senior School students, which is also open to parents and the public.

We are thrilled to announce that this year we had the privilege of hosting over 70 universities. This event provides invaluable assistance to Senior School students as they explore universities from different regions and curate their University List. It also offers them the unique opportunity to engage face-to-face with university representatives and ask questions regarding specific majors, school culture, living expenses, and more.

Additionally, we are pleased to share that parents and members of the public also had the chance to attend a series of informative sessions covering the following topics:

  • Study in Europe
  • Study in Australia
  • US Best Fit Model
  • Co-op/Internships and Careers
  • Study in Ireland

SSIS University Guidance

At SSIS, we adopt a comprehensive approach to college readiness and university destinations. Our team of expert counsellors is dedicated to guiding students and parents through the process of preparing for life beyond SSIS. We offer both group and individual counselling, academic guidance, and career exploration services for students in grades 7-12.

We strongly believe in an individualised approach that empowers students to expand their self-knowledge and make well-informed decisions about their academic and professional paths.

While students are the primary drivers of their own success, we actively encourage parents to be involved in the process. Throughout the Senior School years, parents are invited to attend academic options meetings, information sessions, and counselling guidance workshops aimed at discussing the college application process and admissions planning for their children.

We firmly believe that a collaborative approach involving students, parents, and the school is crucial for a successful college application process.  

Join us and take the first step towards realising your educational goals.

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