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This is where our young learners are engaged in fun and meaningful learning activities that develop each child into a well-rounded life-long learner.


Our team of dedicated and experienced Early Childhood Education trained staff strives to provide a stimulating and nurturing classroom culture; as we develop our students into confident, motivated as well as a learner with positive attitude and value system, a strong foundation in the learning journey of our young learners.


We believe in establishing a close relationship with each family represented by our student and see parents as important partners to ensure our student success. We work closely with our parents and emphasise the importance of open communication and collaborative effort between home and school.


Our Preschool programme caters to children age 2.5 – 6 years of age as shown in the table below:

Programme Age group                      Class Size
Pre-Nursery Starting from 2.5 years, children turning 3 years of age during academic year  10-12 students/class
Nursery Children turning 4 years of age during academic year  12-14 students/class
Kindergarten 1 Children turning 5 years of age during academic year   16-18 students/class
Kindergarten 2 Children turning 6 years of age during academic year


The Curriculum

SSIS Preschool provides a bilingual curriculum and adopts a holistic approach through thematic-based and hands-on learning. Integrating the following aspects into our young learners learning journey with us:

Language Literacy (both English and Chinese)

Numeracy Skill

Discovery Science

Independence/Life Skill,

Aesthetic and Creative Expression

Social/Emotional Awareness and

Environmental Awareness

We also place an equal emphasis in providing platform to promote the development of positive characteristics, and sound moral and social values in our young learners. As such, our young learner will learn to develop positive self-concept and attitudes as well as develop good work habits for life long learning.

We create activities and encourage opportunities for our young learners to explore, experiment and discover within our safe environment and diverse cohort.  Thus maximising their individual potential and ensuring a firm foundation as we prepare them for transit into formal elementary education in our Primary Division.


A Typical Day in SSIS Preschool

School hours are from 0830-1530hour, Monday to Friday. Our daily schedule includes both indoor and outdoor activities, 2 snack breaks and 1 lunch break. Lunchtime is 30 minutes and is staggered between 1100-1230hour for each respective grade level.

Naptime is only scheduled for Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten 1 level, duration for nap ranges between 1-2 hours for each respective grade level. There will be no naptime scheduled for the Kindergarten 2 level in preparation for their Grade 1 education in our Primary Division.

* Directed Activities includes – Language Literacy (English and Chinese), English Reading Programme, Math, Discovery Science, Performance Arts, Creative Arts, Cookery, Farm-to-School Programme, Outdoor Play.

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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