Our Preschool Programme provides a bilingual and diverse environment, offers a large degree of stimulation, guidance, and nurturing to develop in our young learners a love for information and knowledge.


We help our young learners to develop into confident and motivated global citizens: children who look forward to exploring and discovering the many facets of our world in their lifelong journey of learning. Our Preschool curriculum aims to foster and provide a holistic approach through an integrated theme-based, and hands-on, learning experience. We believe that such an environment will ignite a child’s curiosity and develop an aptitude for learning.

Learning Experiences

  • Self and social awareness
  • Motor skills development
  • Language and literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Aesthetics and creative expression
  • Environmental awareness
  • Life skills


Each class has an experienced early years team, comprising one English-speaking and one Chinese-speaking teacher who plan for the learning needs of individual children. The co-teaching model provides an enabling environment where children can:

  • Feel comfortable about their own identity, language and culture
  • Move easily between cultures
  • Learn comprehension and literacy in both English and Chinese Languages


We believe in establishing a close relationship with each student’s family and see parents as essential partners in the student’s success. We work closely with parents and emphasise the importance of open communication and collaborative effort between home and school.


Holistic education comes about when we extend learning beyond the classroom and its curriculum. We offer our preschoolers various activities such as excursions, theme-based field trips and performances. We believe these experiences can support quality curriculum delivery and can provide meaningful social and emotional development opportunities for students.

  • Annual Spring and Autumn Excursions
  • Theme-based Field Trips
  • External Performances