Learning Through Play This Summer

On the last day of school, our Preschool team provided a summer fun pack for Preschool students to occupy themselves during the holidays. The fun pack included multisensory activities designed to encourage children to have fun, develop practical skills and to engage with the environment. 

So, has your child started on the fun pack? If not, there’s still time to get started and take full advantage of the summer break!

You can use this opportunity to spend quality time together. Let your child take the lead and use his/her imagination, creativity and knowledge to do the suggested tasks. They will find much joy as they complete the task and learn new things.

At SSIS, our Preschool curriculum aims to foster and provide a holistic approach through an integrated, theme-based and hands-on learning experience. We believe that such an environment will ignite a child’s curiosity and develop an aptitude for learning.

Importance of learning through play for young children

Fred Rogers said: “Play gives children a chance to practise what they are learning”.

Play is essential to a child’s development; it is an integral part of a child’s early years and supports their learning journey too. Young children can develop many skills through the power of play. Play helps to nurture imagination and gives a child a sense of adventure. “We believe that children can learn and develop through the intentional activities which we incorporate through play,” says Roselina ANUAR, Assistant Principal (Preschool).

Through play and thematic experiences, children can:

  • Acquire language and numeracy skills
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Nurture their creativity and imagination
  • Solve problems and collaborate with others
  • Discover their independence and positive self-esteem

At SSIS Preschool, we strive to provide our children with a holistic education where play is incorporated in their daily activities. Play enhances our students’ social, emotional and cognitive development during their formative years and lays the foundation for on-going success for Primary education and beyond.

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