Laying the groundwork for the true love of learning

With a teacher retention rate of more than 85%, SSIS has one of the happiest faculties around.


Shanghai is the most cosmopolitan and vibrant city in China. It’s a city that never sleeps, and its energy is infectious. Like many other cosmopolitan cities, Shanghai has so much to offer: diverse cultural and sporting events; exquisite dining opportunities; magnificent modern and old architecture; historical sights; and places of natural beauty. It is simply not possible to be bored in Shanghai, which makes living, and working in it, a unique experience. We at Shanghai Singapore International School take pride in hiring dedicated and enthusiastic teachers to join our existing staff. We are sure you will enjoy life and work in this beautiful city.


Our teachers are passionate educators who are committed to the guiding principles of SSIS. They come from more than 20 different countries to deliver the rigorous SSIS curriculum and to support student learning.

We recruit faculty and staff who are not only highly-qualified but who exemplify the spirit of the SSIS community. We seek out optimists who wish to work among like-minded, open, caring people to create an environment in which students and adults can thrive.



As a school that values lifelong learning for the entire community, including students, teachers and parents, we focus heavily on faculty education. There are various opportunities provided for teachers to receive external Professional Development (PD), as well as teach one another in avenues such as Peer Coaching and mini-conferences – which we conduct twice a year.

Many of our teachers also offer their expertise by conducting after-school activities for the student body, such as coaching a sport or organising a student club.



SSIS has an exceptionally close-knit community living on campus. Merlion Residence (MR) is a “home away from home” for many of our expatriate teachers and their families. Other than having unlimited access to our swimming pool, fully-fitted fitness gym, outdoor field and communal lounge, our teachers also take part in various regular activities organised by MR.



“I love working in SSIS in Shanghai. It’s incredibly exciting to teach such a diverse group of students. I feel like a member of a team of energised and highly competent international teachers. I also feel very fortunate that I can make a difference in the lives of global children.”  Doruk GURKAN, Senior School Principal

“MR is truly a home away from home. It’s not just a building with apartments; it represents a wonderful community and a family. We are spoilt with the amenities we have and the services provided at MR. It’s certainly beyond your imagination.” Katti Vineet Suresh, Senior School Teacher