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Established in 2017, Shanghai Singapore International School Alumni Office has over 400 members from more than 40 countries across the globe. The SSIS Alumni Office reaches out in many ways across multiple platforms to ensure our alumni stay connected and engaged with SSIS, their alma mater.

SSIS has now more than 400 SSIS graduates around the world, since our first graduate cohort in 2007.

No matter how long you were at SSIS, or how much time has passed since you walked the school halls and campuses, we warmly welcome you as a lifelong member of the SSIS family and alumni community.

We are incredibly proud of all of our graduates and are excited to see you make an impact beyond the school.


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We welcome your feedback and suggestions: send us an email or call us to share your ideas. Your student days at SSIS might be over, but you are still a very important part of SSIS’s present and future!

E-mail: alumni.ssis@ssis.asia

Tel: (021)6221 6058



HU En Yu Annie

Class of 2018

E-mail: anniehussis@gmail.com

Florida State University

Master of Science in mental health and career counseling

ZHONG William Zheng Hao

Class of 2014

E-mail: zhenghao.zhong14@imperial.ac.uk

Imperial College of London

Bachelor of Science degree in Theoretical Physics

PhD in Theoretical Physics

Jason Sen TAN

Class of 2018
Email: jasontan_ssis@hotmail.com
St. George’s, University of London
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)


Class of 2015

E-mail: vladimir37melnikov@outlook.com

Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, MBBS Program



Class of 2016

E-mail: kinji971030@hotmail.com

Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, MBBS Program

ONG Pei Wen 

Class of 2017

E-mail: peiwenong226@hotmail.com

University of New South Wales

Medicine (Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine)

Hafsa Zubair SIDDIQUI
Class of 2021
Email: hafsazubairs@hotmail.com
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering

Kwan Shao Gabriel TAN

Class of 2019

Email: ksgabrieltan@gmail.com

University: Singapore Management University

Major in Economics


“I am very grateful to have spent 12 consecutive years of my life in SSIS; not many have this kind of experience, especially in a foreign country. Having been shaped in part by the holistic, creative, yet rigorous environment at SSIS, I found myself able to communicate, innovate, and collaborate in ways that enabled me to build a successful business of my own. I have also made life-long friends among schoolmates and teachers, and that is one of the many things that I cherish the most.”

TAN Chong Jia Marcus, Class of 2008

Currently owner of WineCity, a wine distributing company

TAN Chong Jia Marcus joined SSIS in 1996 and was with SSIS for 12 years till the completion of his IB Diploma Programme in 2008.

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