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The Primary curriculum aims to equip students with the necessary life skills needed to survive in today’s fast-changing world. It is with this in mind that we have embarked on a skills-based learning approach to complement our existing curriculum. In essence, we recognise the fact that it is no longer sufficient to merely acquire content, but more importantly, students must learn “how to learn” and be able to apply the acquired skills and knowledge.


Tapping on the strengths of the Singapore education system which is recognised internationally for its success in developing literacy and numeracy skills, our Primary School offers an academic programme that is based on the Singapore curriculum. This ensures that students enrolled in SSIS are given the necessary grounding in the important core subjects of English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science.


Holistic Assessments

Assessment is an important aspect of teaching and learning. Holistic assessment at SSIS moves beyond just examinations to provide useful information that supports the child’s learning and holistic development. A child’s learning and development is tracked using a variety of assessments such as skills-based tests, subject-based tasks, examinations, project work, self-assessments, development portfolios etc. Parents will receive richer and more regular feedback to highlight the child’s strengths and areas of improvement.



Students will receive three (3) Student Progress Reports and these will be distributed at the completion of each term. There will be one (1) parent/teacher conference (PTC) scheduled during the year as well as one (1) student-led conference (SLC). However, parents and teachers are encouraged to communicate often to ensure a child’s needs are being met. Parents are invited to arrange meetings with a teacher to discuss student development at a mutually convenient time.

We strongly believe in working with parents as partners. It is important to keep parents informed of what is happening in the classrooms and in the school community. 

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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