Good News! SSIS Writer Wins at Regional Writing Competition

Congratulations to our two SSIS students who have won accolades at the Hong Kong Young Writers Award (HKYWA) 2020!

The HKYWA is an annual writing competition for participating schools in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR. The competition’s main aim is to foster excellence in creativity by providing students with the opportunity to develop their expressive talents and expand their horizons. 

The theme this year is ‘Future Adventures of the Greater Bay Area’. This is an independent writing competition, and students worked on their stories by themselves before submitting them.

We are proud to share the good news that two outstanding entries from our SSIS students were recognised:

Recognised SSIS Students:

Stella Marcheline SUSANTO 

G3 Diamond

Winner, Bookazine Award For Poetry, Group 1

MAN Tsz Yan

G9 Sapphire

Honourable Mention, Poetry: Group 3

Because of the outbreak, a joint award ceremony will take place in 2021 (together with next year’s winners) so that the winning children will get their moment on the stage and in the spotlight. In the meanwhile, you can read all the winning and shortlisted entries in an online anthology on the Hong Kong Young Writers Award website (

Kudos to the teachers who cultivated their love for reading and writing from an early age, and inspiring the students to take part. The students are excellent role models who may inspire their peers to become writers or journalists in the future. We hope that our students will continue to enjoy writing and striving for excellence.

Congrats to our talented students again!

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