Preschoolers Learn Mindfulness in Creative Ways

We live in a time when it is all too easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed, and children are not exempt from experiencing these uncomfortable states. When we teach mindfulness to children, we share with them adaptive ways of dealing with life’s challenging moments. The earlier we do so in their lives, the greater the opportunity to help them cultivate resilience and develop their mindfulness as they mature.

Over the past few weeks, our Preschool teachers have found creative and meaningful ways—through music, role-play and yoga—to teach our young preschoolers about mindfulness.

How K1 Students Were Taught About Anger Management and Forgiveness

During Zoom sessions, students were shown videos of classmates role-playing acts of forgiveness with their family members. In the scenario, the children discussed whether it was better to be nice or mean, and why it was important to say “sorry”. Their role-play allowed them to see how they could manage their anger and demonstrate forgiveness.

Yoga is a useful way to bring awareness and to calm our bodies. Students were also shown how to do various moves inspired by animals (snakes, snails, eagles and elephants) so that they could channel their anger towards physical activity. Our teachers did a ‘Calm-it-Down Dance’ and yoga for kids.

Preschool Teacher Fiona PENG used illustrations and science to demonstrate how anger can get out of control. She then elaborated on five methods that children could use to deal with anger.

These clever activities let children learn different ways to let go of their negative emotions and taught them how to become more at peace.

How K2 Children Embarked on a Series of Mindfulness Acts

As mindfulness is a big word for children to understand, our teachers split the lessons into different sessions to further explore and define it.

Through interactive sessions, teachers introduced the topics through live demonstrations; the children were then encouraged to be ready to share with their teachers and friends via their weekly zoom sessions.

Children were taught about:

  • Being mindful of their own emotions and how to use various breathing techniques when they experienced negative feelings. 
  • Being mindful of their body and learnt various stretching methods.
  • Being mindful of the people around them, and how to say kind words and perform nice deeds.
  • Being mindful of their environment, and how to use their five senses to observe things around them. 
  • Counting their blessings and how to express gratitude.

Eladna LIM

K2 Form Teacher

Through this, we hope children learn to slow down and be in the moment. To appreciate the things around them and be thankful in all circumstances.

Besides providing a strong foundation for academic success, we prepare our young children for emotional and social success, readying them for challenges of the future.

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