Discovering the Wonders of Traditional Chinese Culture


Cold Dew is the 17th solar term in the 24 solar terms. The K1 students recently embarked on a fascinating journey to explore the Cold Dew, immersing themselves in the wonders of traditional Chinese culture.

Through engaging activities like singing rhymes, collecting dewdrops, creating beautiful leaf collages, admiring chrysanthemums, and participating in a joyous race, the children gained a deep understanding of the significance of Cold Dew.

In addition to their exploration of the Cold Dew solar term, the children also learned about the upcoming Double Ninth Festival. They celebrated this traditional festival by indulging in delicious Double Ninth Cake, savoring its sweet taste and symbolic significance. Guided by their teachers, they also crafted heartfelt greeting cards for the elderly in a local nursing home, showering them with love and blessings. This act of kindness allowed the children to understand the importance of respecting and honouring their elders.

These learning experiences not only enriched their understanding of the Solar Terms and Chinese festival, but also fostered a sense of community, empathy, and appreciation for traditional customs.

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