Distance Learning

Distance Learning: The New Normal

Setting Up For Success

We strongly believe that learning can happen anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Our mission is to develop in our students a passion for life and for learning through holistic and well-balanced education. We are committed to our mission no matter the circumstances.To achieve this, the school community needs to be open-minded, positive and well prepared to embrace new school routines and innovative methods to support teaching and learning.

Distance Learning Framework


What is Distance Learning?

Getting Started with Distance Learning

How will it look like for my child?

Strategies for Successful Distance Learning — For Students


How can I learn best during distance learning?

Digital Citizenship Guidelines and Academic Honesty

How do I best display the qualities of a self-directed learner?

Distance Learning Tips for Parents

How can I help my child?

Well-being Tips #SSISCares

Where to ask for help?

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