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SSIS Senior School continues to build on the sequential integrated programmes of study established and fostered in the Primary and Preschool. A differentiated learning approach is taken to ensure that the students are working at levels which are challenging, yet within reach.


SSIS offers the Pre IGCSE – Grade 7 & 8, IGCSE – Grade 9 & 10 and the IB – Grade 11 & 12.


During a typical day at school students work with outstanding teachers who are experts in the field of study. They use a variety of teaching strategies that engage students in the learning process and use technology to reinforce understanding. Our teachers actively build strong relationships with the students, built on a foundation of trust, which is the key for optimal teaching and learning.



There are several means by which the Senior School communicates with the Parent community so they can gain a deeper understanding of what is happening and the progress their child is making.

  • iLearn is an online interactive e-learning website which supports all Senior School courses. Parents can login and view the content, teaching and homework expectations for the students on a daily basis. The students can view PowerPoints and activities taught during the week from home to support their learning and review. It is also interactive with collaborative resource-forums, wikis and live chat. Students will access this site daily. It is also an important point for students to submit work, receive feedback and assessment. Parents have ‘Guest Access’ to all courses.
  • Powerschool is our school’s online gradebook which allows parents and students access to real-time data on student achievement.
  • Weekly Newsletters are sent out by departments and the Principal.


RAPIDSuccess Pastoral Care Programme

The RAPIDSuccess Grades 7-12 Pastoral Program is designed to promote a culture of friendship, teamwork, compassion and excellence at SSIS. Each RAPIDSuccess class has a Homeroom teacher who will support the students in all aspects of their schooling from goal setting, revision timetables, to class and inter house challenges. The RAPIDSuccess classes are vertically grouped to ensure that all students have the support and supervision to set and achieve all academic and social goals. They are grouped accordingly:

Grade 7 & 8

Grade 9 & 10

Grade 11 & 12


RAPIDSuccess is also about fun; the program holds regular celebratory events to promote school spirit and general happiness, including sports day. Halloween Carnival, Christmas Sweater Day, and Spirit Days scattered across the school year.
Academics are an important part of the SSIS lifestyle, but holistic development of our students is equally important and RAPIDSuccess is our way of making sure SSIS students are prepared not just for higher education and the workforce, but for life as a global citizen.


Discipline System

The Senior School discipline system is firm but fair and all students are required to agree to the SSIS Code of Conduct. This is to ensure that all students receive the best education and optimal learning environment. Relationships with the school families and community are developed and built on as students are prepared for life beyond school.


After School Programme

The After School Programmes offered by the Senior School include sport and cultural activities in addition to a wide range of classes where teachers ‘share their passion’; from Yoga to technology challenges and design. We also offer a wide range of sporting opportunities such as Table Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, golf (we have our own full time golf instructors), basketball, touch rugby, and many others.


The Arts

Each year we have an Arts Festival which celebrates the Arts and students display the work they have created during the course of the year. The International Family Day is also a highlight of the year when culture and diversity are celebrated through a series of performances, workshops and a food festival. Students have the opportunity to participate in drama in the form of plays, musicals and the ‘SSIS Star’ talent show. Further opportunities are available for students to participate and excel are orchestra, choir, Model United Nations (MUN), speech competitions and debating.


Academic support

Teachers are happy to arrange individual tutorials with students in need of extra help. These can be arranged with the teacher directly or via their RAPIDSuccess homeroom teacher.


Counselling / University and Career Guidance

Our Senior School students receive advice on career and university admission requirements through individual counselling and university guidance classes by our guidance counsellors. Presentations by guest speakers and visiting university admissions personnel are organised on a regular basis. Career Day is an annual event and students participate in a life skills curriculum that includes career exploration as well as character education.

School counsellors are always available to lend a listening ear at SSIS. The school counsellors are the best people to confide in, should our students need someone to share their worries, happiness or anxieties. Parents, teachers, and students may drop in at the counsellor’s office for a casual chat on anything that concerns them.

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