Supporting Student Well-being & Scaffolding for Success

At SSIS, we provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment for our students to thrive academically and personally.

While some students might feel overwhelmed as the start of the new academic year takes off, the dedicated faculty at SSIS always strive to make it a smooth, fun and beneficial transition.

One of the ways they do this is by inviting all Senior School students to attend the Orientation Camps, where they take part in various team building activities to foster relationships with peers and with teachers, and get to learn information of their academic programmes.

Three camps were held from Thursday, 23 September to Saturday, 25 September, and were split according to the different programmes (CLSP, IGCSE and IBDP). 

The CLSP and IGCSE camps presented opportunities for students to make new friends, have fun and learn new skills.

Being a new student to SSIS, every thought of an overnight camp was daunting, but I quickly changed my mind. Everyone, from staff to students, were warm and welcoming and the camp itself was a great way to get to meet people. Overall, the camp was an amazing experience.

Katija, Grade 10

The camp was a fun activity hosted by our school – it allowed us to intermingle with students from Grade 10 who acted as our mentors. All the activities were interactive and taught us to collaborate, but we had loads of fun at the same time. I thank our camp team teachers for their time and effort.

Anindita, Grade 9

During the Grade 7 and 8 camp, an activity I enjoyed the most was the scavenger hunt. We had to complete as many challenges as possible in a certain amount of time and take pictures. I liked how we had to plan out which challenge to complete first and run like crazy to different parts of the school to get a challenge done. It made us think, run, communicate and collaborate all at the same time.

Pak Yan, Grade 8

Other than fun bonding activities and brainstorming sessions, our IBDP students put their leadership skills to practice by leading activities and sharing tips with juniors of what is in store for them for the year’s learning ahead. 

As a senior this year, my cohort and I are responsible for the planning process of DP Camp. During our preparation process, we realised the difficulty of ensuring a fun yet meaningful event. Learning from the experiences and advices given by the previous cohort, Mr Nilan and Mr Tu, we managed to overcome challenges and achieve our goal of preparing the G11s for the rigorous IB life. I’m grateful we could be at the beautiful Sun Island Resort and glad that everyone enjoyed the camp!

Amy, Grade 12

Over the course of two days of the IBDP camp, I got introduced to the various aspects of the IB Core (TOK, EE and CAS) by my friendly seniors, which has made me more confident in pursuing the programme. The fun-filled ice breaking sessions and various games helped us bond and network with each other well. My key takeaway was learning to balance my academics with the required extracurriculars while having strong work ethics to excel in the course.  

Ramith, Grade 11

At SSIS, we support both new and returning students through transitions and build connections to the SSIS community, allowing them to thrive academically and personally.

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