Class of 2023 Receives Top Offers Worldwide

We are thrilled to announce that our Grade 12 students have received offers from prestigious universities around the globe. It is with great pride that we share the achievements of this graduating cohort. 

Currently, the Class of 2023 has submitted 305 applications to the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

There are approximately 30,000 Higher Education Institutions in the world.

53% of the Class of 2023, have been admitted to an institution ranked in the Top 50 globally (based on the Q and S University Ranking Scale). 

69% of the Class of 2023, have been admitted to an institution ranked in the Top 100 globally (based on the Q and S University Ranking Scale).

76% of the Class of 2023, have been admitted to an institution ranked in the Top 250 globally (based on the Q and S University Ranking Scale). 

90% of our current graduating class has been admitted to at least 1 higher education institution on their respective university lists.

We are proud to have received many notable university offers, including:

  • 4 from UCL
  • 4  from King’s College London
  • 5 from The University of Edinburgh
  • 6 from McGill University
  • 13 from University of Toronto
  • 2 from The University of Warwick
  • 7 from The University of British Columbia
  • 3 from University of Waterloo
  • 5 from The University of Hong Kong
  • 1 from University of California, Berkeley

To see the full list of offers received so far: 

To date, it has been an impressive university admissions cycle for the Class of 2023. We are looking forward to each of our students finding a higher education destination of choice where they will thrive and continue on their journey to become Future Global Leaders.

Congratulations to all of our grade 12s on their outstanding university offers!

University Guidance Programme

The majority of our students pursue higher education in the UK, US, Canada and Asia.

At SSIS, our highly skilled and dedicated University Counselling Guidance team focuses on developing students’ candidacy to be accepted into the institution that fits them best, regardless of where in the world it might be.

Our University Guidance Programme includes a comprehensive structure from Grade 9, exploring options and developing skills in Grade 10 and moving on to individual support in Grade 11 and 12.

Each student attends bespoke workshops, University Fairs and visits and one-to-one sessions to craft individual plans. Our personalised support and advice ensure all students at SSIS have access to the best possible future educational and career options.

As part of the SSIS Family Journey, we offer highly personalised academic, university and career guidance.

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