Parent Education Programme

Building a Lifelong Learning Community

At SSIS, we are committed to developing in our students a passion for life and learning. We hope that our parents can join us on this journey as well, and grow together as a community.

SSIS’s Parent Education Programme (PEP) is centred on the premise that parents are their child’s first and most influential teachers. We believe that one of the best ways to develop and nurture our students to be lifelong learners is for the adults to model and lead by example – by first adopting lifelong learning practices.

Come explore, learn, and be inspired!

Please let us know any other topics you are interested in!

Past Workshop Recordings

Speaker: Sepia Gray  

Title: Building Executive Function Skills at Home 

“Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. When children have opportunities to develop executive function and self-regulation skills, individuals and society experience lifelong benefits. These skills are crucial for learning and development. They also enable positive behavior and allow us to make healthy choices for ourselves and our families”. (The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University) 

Date/Time: May 31 (Tuesday), 14:00-14:45 

Audience: Preschool & Primary School Parents 

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Speaker: Xin Ling Chen 

Title: Preparation for IG, IB Chinese study   ——– Tips on Chinese study and Seamless connection in Chinese curriculum in Senior Chinese Dept 

Meet our HOD of the Senior School Chinese department for a face-to-face session to understand more about the Chinese Curriculum in senior school and the useful tips that parents can do to help their kids in learning Chinese. 

Date/Time: May 30 (Monday) 9:00-10:00 

Audience: Parents in Senior School & Upper Primary G5&6 

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Speaker: Kow Choon Huat 

Title: Applying Math Heuristics Skills 

Description: Math heuristics are strategies that students can use to solve complex word problems. In this workshop, parents will learn about the different Math heuristics skills and the problem-solving process that we teach in SSIS so that they can support their children at home. 

Date/Time: May 26 (Thursday) 10:00-11:00 

Audience: Parents from G3-G5 

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Speakers: Yuan Mao Ying + Cao Yu Chen 

Title: Chinese Characters Writing Workshop 如何写好汉字 

  • Why is writing Chinese Characters important? 
  • Where should we start to learn to write Chinese Characters? 
  • How do we write Chinese characters better? 

Date/Time: May 25 (Wednesday) 10:00- 11:00 

Audience: K2 and Primary Parents 

Language: Chinese 

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Speaker: Ng Wei Ee, Maria Rudillas, Adeline Goh 

Title: Ease Your Child into Lower Primary Science 

Description: This session aims to help parents ease into the transition into Lower Primary Science. We will give parents some strategies to engage and support your child in their scientific discovery process. Help your child see Science as an avenue for learning the real, quirky facts of life as opposed to just another subject.

Date/Time: May 25 (Wednesday) 08:30-09:15 

Audience: K2-G2 

Language: English

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Speaker: Monica Forero 

Title: Exploring the Principles of Play and Being a Play Partner 

Discuss the importance of play as a tool for all development e.g language, social interactions, emotional growth, motor skills. Offer parents guidelines for unstructured and structured play. 

Date/Time: May 18 (Wednesday) 9:00 -10:00 

Audience: Preschool Parents 

Language: English 

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Speaker: Sonia Barghani

Title: Early Numeracy Development

Math is everywhere and learning can happen every day using the real world. We don’t need math classes or textbooks to form a strong mathematical basis in early years; we need awareness, inquiry and discussion.

Date/Time: May 13 (Friday), 09:00-10:00

Audience: Preschool Parents

Language: English 

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Speaker: Khuan Wei Lim  

Title: There’s No Place Like Home: Homemade Video Workshop for Parents 

This workshop is open to any parents who are interested in improving their personal video skills. Parents of the cast of Wizard of Oz Online and of all Grade 4 students are strongly encouraged to attend.  

In this session parents will learn simple and effective techniques for improving the quality of videos taken with a laptop or personal phone. Techniques will include achieving proper lighting, finding the best camera angles, application of background filter and much more.

Date/Time: May 5 (Thursday), 15:45-16:30 

Audience: All Primary School Parents with parents of Wizard of Oz Online cast strongly encouraged to attend 

Language: English 

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Speaker: Joy Zheng  

Title: How to Support My Child’s Wellbeing During DL?

Distance Learning can be a very challenging and stressful experience for both the parents and children. In this workshop, we will discuss ways to support children’s wellbeing from home. We will also talk about how to build their resilience during such a difficult time. 

Date/Time: May 5 (Thursday), 12:00-12:45 

Audience: Primary School Parents 

Language: English 

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Speaker: Ramida Din   

Title: Differentiated Learning Strategies in the Primary School Classroom 

Explore what is Learning Differentiation (LD) and how it is applied in our classroom instruction and assessment. 

Date/Time: May 3 (Tuesday), 10:00-11:00 

Audience: Primary School Parents 

Language: English 

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Speaker: Jordan Allison, Catherine Nie and Alycia Stupan  

Title: Maximizing MyOn Reader  

This workshop will introduce the specific functions of Renaissance MyOn Reader to parents of students in Grades 1-3 and students in the ELA programme.  

Date/Time: April 29 (Friday), 12:00-12:45 

Audience: Parents from Grades 1-3 and ELA Programme Parents 

Language: English 

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Speaker: Zhu Ling Hua and Yuan Ren Ting 

Title: 如何做到有效的亲子陪伴


Date/Time: April 28 (Thursday), 14:00-14:45  

Audience: Preschool & Lower Primary Parents 

Language: Chinese

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主题:大学申请关键信息 (二) 

During this 3-part series, our college guidance counsellor will share critical information regarding universities applications. It’s never too early to start planning! 


Date: 24 November 2021 (Focus on UK, Canada, Australia and Western Europe applications) 

Time: 09:00-10:00 

Speaker: Daniel Gould 

Audience: Senior School Parents  

Language: English 

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How do we foster a growth mindset in teaching STEAM? Through STEAM challenges, learn what growth mindset is, how it impacts the learning process, and how implementing it can lead to increased student motivation and achievement.  


Date: 23 November 2021 

Time: 09:00-10:00 

Speaker: Avegail Vergel  

Audience: Primary School Parents  

Language: English 

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Explain the monumental role of literacy beyond just reading. Teaching parents about the importance of language as a vehicle of brain development, oral development, self-regulation etc.  


Date: 17 November 2021 

Time: 09:00-10:00 

Speaker: Courtney Cesarano 

Audience: Preschool Parents  

Language: English 

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A secured and positive family environment is a foundation for raising healthy and confident children. This workshop will provide parents with strategies to positively discipline the children, by building strong bonds and family ties, setting boundaries, using encouragement and problem-solving together. 


Date: 15 November 2021 

Time: 08:30–09:30  

Speakers: Carola V. Somare and Joy Zheng  

Audience: Preschool and Primary School Parents  

Language: English 

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Practicing at home is an important part of any instrumental music education, but we often struggle with motivating our children to engage in a consistent schedule. This workshop will give parents the tools to effectively encourage a regular home practice routine for their child. We will cover why home practice is important, how to improve the quality of practice session, focus techniques, and much more. 


Date: 12 November 2021 

Time: 09:30–10:30  

Speakers: Edward Swider (K-12 Aesthetics Coordinator) 

Audience: All Parents 

Language: English 

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Meet our lower primary English teachers and learn what reading strategies can be used at home to nurture your child’s literacy skills. 


Date: 10 November 2021 

Time: 08:30-09:30 

Speaker: Begum Gurkan and Garry Hughes 

Audience: Grade 1-3 parents 

Language: English 

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Understand the importance of parent-child reading and how to carry out effective parent-child reading.  


Date: 4 November 2021 

Time: 09:00-10:00 

Speaker: Monica Forero (Preschool Coordinator) 

Audience: Preschool Parents  

Language: English 

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Topic:  Chinese Reading Strategies (In Chinese)

The workshop will be taught in Chinese (PPT bilingual presentation), It allows parents to learn the importance of reading, some good reading strategies to cultivate children’s good reading habits and interests. It will also promote parent- child reading together, encouraging children to read independently. 


Date:  3 November 2021 

Time:  10:3011:30 

Speaker: Li Xue Hua  

Audience: Primary School Parents 

Language: Chinese 中文 



Understand the importance of parent- child reading and how to carry out effective parent-child reading. 


Date:  3 November 2021 

Time:  09:0010:00 

Speaker: Zhang Xiao Lei and Zhu Ge Hui Xian  

Audience: Preschool Parents 

Language: Chinese 中文 

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In the three part series, our college guidance counsellor will share critical information regarding applications to universities. It’s never too early to start planning! 

Speaker: Daniel Gould 

Audience: Senior School Parents  

Language: English 


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Introduce parents to the 6 learning areas of the Singaporean NEL curriculum. Showcasing how these areas are fostered at SSIS Preschool and offering ideas of how to support at home. 

Speaker: Sonia Barghani (Preschool Assistant Principal) 

Audience: Preschool Parents 

Language: English

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In this workshop, Parents will learn about the ELA programme and what can be done at home to reinforce the English language learning provided at school. Specific resources and strategies for improving students’ English language proficiency will be shared. 

Speaker: Catherine Nie (ELA Coordinator) & Jordan Allison (Primary English HOD) 

Audience: Suitable for parents of students in the ELA Programme (适合英语语言强化班的家长) 

Language: English with Chinese translation (英中翻译)

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主题:高阶思维(Higher Order Thinking)技能和创意 

Parents will explore how to encourage High Order Thinking (HOT) Skills and Strategies and creativity at home.  

Speaker: Ramida Din (Preschool & Primary School Principal) 

Audience: Primary School and Preschool Parents 

Language: English 

The brain evolves both structurally and functionally during adolescence; these changes affect their thinking and behaviour. When you understand the science behind how the brain develops and functions, you can help your child build a healthy teenage brain and become their best support at home.


Phonics in Grade 1

This workshop allows parents to learn how phonics allows children to segment their words into individual sounds (each sound is known as a phoneme). Segmenting words into phonemes help children become better readers and spellers. Some of the skills used in the classroom will be shared with the parents during this workshop.

Reading and Phonics in Grade 2

This workshop concentrates on phonics, spelling and helpful reading strategies used in the classroom. Parents will also be introduced to phonics and how they can help their child become better readers and spellers. During the reading portion parents will be shown a range of questioning techniques and strategies which enhance their reading experience with their own child at home.

G3-6 Chinese Reading Skills


G3-6 Useful Chinese Language Online Resources




G1 /G2 Chinese Reading Strategies


Reading Grade 3-4

Children who read with parents tend to become better readers and perform better in school. Reading expands kids’ vocabulary, understanding of grammar, pronunciation of new words, listening skills and correct sentence structure. Parents will be shown techniques used in guided reading lessons to make the reading process more enjoyable and valuable for both the parent and the child.

Writing in Grades 5-6

This workshop offers an introduction to the content and instructional practices used in Grade 5 and Grade 6 English to develop students’ writing skills. Participants who attend this workshop will gain an understanding of the Writer’s Workshop method of writing instruction and the Six Write Traits model of feedback and assessment. This workshop will also discuss how parents can support their children’s writing at home.


Grade 1 & 2 Math Workshop

  • ways of developing number sense in your child and understanding simple model drawing
  • ways to support your child and build up their interest in Math at home
  • E-learning resources

Grade 3 to 6 Science Workshop

  • an awareness of methods and techniques for conducting hands-on activities at home
  • different strategies on how to enthuse your child towards learning Science
  • a better understanding of Science concepts through hands on activities
  • an awareness of the application of Science concepts into our daily live

G3 to 6 Math Workshop

  • understanding model drawing to solve word problems
  • ways to support your child and build up their interest in Math at home
  • E-learning resources

G1 & 2 Science Workshop

  • an awareness of methods and techniques for conducting hands-on activities at home
  • different strategies on how to enthuse your child towards learning Science
  • a better understanding of Science concepts through hands on activities
  • an awareness of the application of Science concepts into our daily lives
  • What is Play?
  • Why is Play important in Early Childhood?
  • What are the benefits of play for language development?
  • Practical tips on how you can help to build your child’s language development through Play at home?

Maria Montessori once said, “Play is the work of the child”. It starts from a tender age. It is how children discover their interests, interact with others and acquire cognitive, motor and social-emotional skills. Play is important for the early stages of brain development and also help to develop important skills for learning, life and work.

We believe that one of the best ways to develop and nurture language development for our pre-schoolers is by supporting and providing high-quality play.

In this workshop, we will share with you how children learn through play, tips on how to choose toys for language development and how you can be involved in your child’s play.


  • Ms Rose ANUAR
  • Ms Norhayati OTHMAN
  • Ms Eladna LIM

During this three-day series, our college guidance counsellors will share critical information regarding applications to  UK, US, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and Western Europe universities. It’s never too early to start planning!

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“My child can not read, how can I help?”

“My child shows no interest in reading, what should I do?”

“Is it too early to start preparing my child for reading?”

Are you asking yourself these questions? If so, join our “Foundations of Phonics” workshop! Building a strong foundation to phonics is the first step to becoming a competent reader. In this workshop you will learn about how phonics instruction benefits your child and simple ways you can reinforce phonics instruction at home. 


Transitioning into Primary School is the next educational milestone for a preschooler. This talk will help parents to recognise that preparing their children for school includes preparing them socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically for the new experience. Come and learn from the sharing among parents and the speaker to arm yourselves with the necessary information to better prepare your children and yourselves for this transition.

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Our team of counsellors and CLSP coordinators will share with you on how you can prepare your teen for this important transition. How to cope with the changes in studying habits, how to communicate with your child and how to be involved in your teen’s learning journey.

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Preschool Chinese Workshop: Have Fun Reading with Your Little One

分享教师:幼儿部 ——- 诸葛慧仙 , 梁艳


Parent-child reading aims to help children develop good reading habits and foster a love of reading for life.


  1. 亲子阅读的重要性。The importance of parent-child reading.
  2. 亲子阅读的技巧。Parent-child reading skills.
  3. 亲子阅读经验交流分享。Sharing your Parent-child reading experience.