SSIS 3rd Annual University Fair

On 14 March SSIS welcomed university representatives from 16 countries and more than 115 universities to our 3rd annual university fair

This year was our biggest fair yet and in addition to our SSIS students we had over 80 students attend the fair from three other schools, namely Britannica International School ShanghaiSoong Ching Ling School – International Division and ShanghaiTaiwanese Children School.

Mark DONAGHER, HOD of Counselling

“Attending the fair gives students a great opportunity to ask questions to many university representatives all in one location

There are so many options available, schools are so different and there is a lot of misinformation out there- so our fair can really help them get vital information that they need to make an informed decision regarding potential universities.”


Director of Students Services
Soong Ching Ling School-International Division

It was a great fair. The timing was perfect too. Just as my students were getting tired it was over. They didn’t feel rushed.”


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

International Recruitment Specialist

“I find SSIS students open, they ask good questions and I can feel I make a good connection with them at the fair….”


SSIS Grade 10 student

“I talked to mainly European universities. It was a good mix of different countries. I found it helpful to know their entry requirements and what it would be like to study there.”

Thank you to all the university representatives for attending, all the students and parents for participating and asking great questions and to the SSIS student ambassador team for all their hard work to make the fair a success. 

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2024-05-24 04:29:00
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