Set Up for Success | Senior School Character & Leadership Camps

In Senior School, the transition between programmes can be challenging as students adapt to new routines, subjects, teachers and expectations. The Character and Leadership camp is the first important milestone and event of the school year for each Senior school student. 

This smooths the transition process and further integrates them into our close-knit community, setting each student up for success as they begin the school year.

G7/8 Character and Leadership Camp

During the 2D1N camp, the designed activities provide opportunities for the students to collaborate and engage with each other in a range of fun activities as they build connections within the SSIS school community. 

This helped the G7s who are new to the Senior School division make new friends, learn their way around campus, and feel excited about their journey ahead.  

G9/10 Character and Leadership Camp

As the G9s start to specialise in the IGCSE programme, the Character and Leadership camp is an important opportunity for students and teachers to get to know each other in a more relaxed atmosphere before the start of the 2-year intensive programme.

Throughout the camp, all students had the opportunity to showcase leadership skills and hone their communicative skills to complete each task successfully. The G10 student volunteers even planned and executed some leadership games for their G9 juniors and fellow G10s.  

G11/12 Character and Leadership Camp

As one of their CAS experiences, the G12 students planned the activities and schedule for the camp. It was a wonderful opportunity for the G12 students to gain confidence and leadership experience. While teacher chaperones were on-site, the creativity and knowledge came largely from the Seniors themself. Through interactive activities, the G12s helped the G11s to understand more about the IB core, setting their juniors up for success! 

We look forward to a year of academic and personal success for our Senior School students!  

Besides providing a strong foundation for academic success, we prepare our students for leadership roles, readying them for the challenges of the future.

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