Scaffolding Your Child For Success

At SSIS, we scaffold every child’s learning and set him/her up for success beyond school.

Over the last month in Senior School, both our IGCSE and IBDP Course Coordinators spent the time to meet with parents to discuss their children’s course selections and future ambitions during the Course Selection Parent Meetings.

IGCSE Course Selection Parent Meeting

It is in the best interests of all that students are happy with their choices.

Ms Shireen NAIDOO

“For the first time in their schooling, students are being given a choice on the subjects they wish to study,” IGCSE Coordinator Ms Shireen NAIDOO says. Choosing subjects is important and should be done with careful guidance. Bearing this in mind, we advise parents to talk to their children about their interests, likes, successes, ambitions, and to consider various careers and not single out only one.”

The IGCSE Coordinator has met with all students at least three times between December and January through class presentations, one-to-one talks and advice sessions. She helps students, together with parents, determine their choices and select the IGCSE subjects they enjoy, have the potential to be successful at and which will lead to successful study at IB Level, and possible career pathways. 

To allow our students to find their best fit, we allow students up to three weeks into the course to change an option—but this is pending class sizes, staffing and the reason for the change. It is in the best interests of all that students are happy with their choices and they fully benefit from the learning process.

IBDP Course Selection Parent Meeting

Our teachers’ job is to ensure that whatever choices our students make, they are fully informed.


As our Grade 10 students finish their last stretch of their IGCSE journey, they are about to embark on their IBDP journey. To ensure that the students are informed and set up for success, IBDP Coordinator Mr Adam CROSSLEY met with G10 parents individually to find out what their child is passionate about and what their future ambitions are.

Together with Mr Mark DONAGHER, SSIS Head of Counselling—the families discussed which university majors the students are or might be considering. Then they looked at where the student is having the most success in IGCSE. Based on these indicators, our faculty look at the course offerings in IB and recommend the courses that will open the most doors.

“The most important concept to be aware of is that your IB course choices communicate specific messages to universities,” Mr CROSSLEY says. We help students and parents to communicate that message purposefully so that they have the most options available.

IBDP course selection is essential from a university admission point of view. Decisions made now can keep doors open regarding possible university majors or can equally close off university pathways. Knowing this, it is imperative that both student and parent make the best-informed decision possible. Our IBDP Course Selection meetings give them the information needed to help them make those decisions.

Our coordinators share some tips for students who are making subject choices:

  • Find out about all subjects and make informed, responsible and sensible decisions
  • Choose subjects you want to study; not what your friends are doing. 
  • Choose subjects you enjoy and have achieved good results in from previous grades.
  • Discuss your choices with subject teachers who can explain its content and assess students’ ability.
  • Discuss your choices with parents who know you well and can advise accordingly. Parents, teachers and older siblings can provide great advice, but the final choice should lie with you. 

At SSIS, we aim to provide the most exceptional learning opportunities for our students.

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