SSIS Weekend Programme AY2020-21

Our SSIS X TRIOLS Academy Weekend Programmes are all set to resume!

This is another significant stride towards reclaiming a sense of normalcy for our student community. Over the past months, we have been working with our external vendors to ensure programmes are available. We have incorporated the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of our students on their well-rounded learning journey in SSIS.

These weekend programmes provide opportunities for our community of learners to tap into other interests beyond the subjects taught in the school curriculum. The programmes are enjoyable and provide a platform for learning. It improves their confidence, self-esteem and physical development, widens their skill sets, enhances their character development and social skills, and it also fosters creativityand out-of-the-box thinking

Our programmes are planned and conducted by experienced coaches and facilitators to ensure our community of learners get the best out of their weekend. These paid activities allow our students to master fundamental skills and aim to progress towards a higher level of mastery.

Details of the programme schedule are as follows:

  • Session 1: 17 October 2020
  • Session 2: 24 October 2020
  • Session 3: 31 October 2020
  • Session 4: 21 November 2020
  • Session 5: 28 November 2020
  • Session 6: 5 December 2020
  • Session 7: 12 December 2020
  • Session 8: 9 January 2021
  • Session 9: 16 January 2021
  • Session 10: 23 January 2021

*There will be no session on these following dates:

  • 7 and 14 November 2020
  • 19 and 26 December 2020
  • 2 January 2021

The programmes have an enrolment limit to ensure quality and safety; it will only take place if it fulfils the minimal enrolment number as required by the programme provider(s).

Periods for signup are from Friday, 18 September 2020 to Friday, 9 October 2020.

To sign up, please scan the QR code:

Juventus Academy Shanghai

Juventus Academy Shanghai designs sessions for beginner to advanced junior players. The focus will be on the development of basic motor skills and basic football skills through creative fun games. There will be 1v1 and small side games to help players apply the skills learnt and to develop team play. 


Age Group: 3-5 years/6-14 years

Fee Structure: RMB 2,000/10 weeks

Champion Swim Club

Champion Swim Club, founded in 2006 by former World Cup and National Games champion Ms Wang Wei, is the first professional parent-child swimming club in China. At SSIS we will offer different levels of swim training for students aged 3-16. We provide a complete teaching system, a one-stop service for young learners to potential champions. 

Time: 09:00-10:00; 10:15-11:15; 11:30-12:30

Age Group: 7-16 years

Fee Structure: RMB 2,000/10 weeks

Triathlon SETC

Kids triathlon (Tri-kid) is a world-trending comprehensive sports activity. Kids compete in swimming, cycling, and running sequentially, according to triathlon rules and regulations. It is a healthy training activity for both body and mind, as well as independence and self-management.  

Time:08:30-10:00; 10:15-11:45

Age Group: 7-14 years

Fee Structure: RMB 2,000/10 weeks

Flip Out Gymnastics

Come join the fun and discover the five benefits of gymnastics: discipline, cognitive functioning, education, coordination and health. Gymnastics is a widely renowned sport that can improve overall fitness, strength, balance and body control, as well as help to improve athletic performance in other games. 

Time:09:00-10:00; 10:15-11:15

Age Group: 4-6 years/7-12 years

Fee Structure: RMB 1,500/10 weeks

SuiHan WuShu

Martial art originated in China and has a history dating back thousands of years. In China, everyone (youths or adults) practises Chinese martial art to strengthen their bodies and increase willpower. By learning WuShu, they can become stronger, more grounded and confident.

Time:09:00-10:00; 10:15-11:15

Age Group: 5-12 years

Fee Structure: RMB 2,000/10 weeks

Nana Gym

Cheerleading is dancing with technique, which involves quick and slow movements with moderate intensity. Children can become more elegant and fit. Students will have stages where they can perform and show what they have learnt. Nana Gym will help every child to become more confident and teach them how to be a shining star.

Time:08:30-10:00; 10:15-11:45

Age Group: 6-11 years/12-17 years

Fee Structure: RMB 2,300/10 weeks

CSU Ballet

CSU Ballet is designed as an introduction to the elementary positions of classical ballet. It will explore slow movements and ensure proper alignment, stimulating your imagination, body control, and rhythm.


Age Group: 6-8 years

Fee Structure: RMB 2,000/10 weeks

CSU Hip-Hop

This introductory level of jazz and hip-hop classes provide a structured method of learning various hip-hop dance movements, in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment. It is an energetic class that not only teaches you dance movements and techniques but also instils rhythm and precision in your muscle memory. 


Age Group: 8-10 years

Fee Structure: RMB 2,000/10 weeks

CSU Basketball

This is designed to build strong basketball fundamentals at a young age. CSU coaches will help your child become more confident, learn about good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Time:09:00-10:00; 10:15-11:45

Age Group: 4-6 years/7-16 years

Fee Structure: RMB 1,700/10 weeks (4-6 years); 

RMB 2,200/10 weeks (7-16 years)

Science Adventures

Science Adventures has been designing and teaching STEM programmes in the US and Hong Kong for over 25 years. Our philosophy of “learn-by-doing” and fun, innovative approach has inspired children of ages 6 – 10 to learn with an open mind. 

Time:08:30-10:00; 10:15-11:45

Age Group: 6-7/8-10 years

Fee Structure: RMB 2,500/10 weeks or RMB 250/session

The Chess Academy

The Chess Academy was founded with the goals of teaching international chess to children and most importantly building children’s character through chess. Chess requires a good understanding of the game, competing, learning from mistakes and challenging oneself. Through this process, children will undoubtedly acquire invaluable skills sets such as developing stronger spatial reasoning, attention span, sportsmanship and confidence.  

Time:08:30-10:00; 10:15-11:45

Age Group: 6-7/8-10 years

Fee Structure: RMB 1,800/10 weeks or RMB 180/session

Art Crafters

Practical work, creative thinking and dynamic expression are the main ingredients in our art course. We aim to spark a kid’s interest in art and allow creativity to bloom. We want our kids to appreciate the beauty of the world as well as train their manual ability and skills. The beauty of art will come from their hands.

Time:08:30-10:00; 10:15-11:45

Age Group: 6-7/8-10 years

Fee Structure: RMB 2,200/10 weeks or RMB 220/session

Contract Bridge Club

Led by the five-star life master of the Chinese Bridge Association, Mr Gu Zhenhuan, Contract Bridge Club aims to cultivate students’ communication skills, discipline and team awareness, and understand non-verbal communication signals.

Time:08:30-10:00; 10:15-11:45

Age Group: 7-18 years

Fee Structure: RMB 6,000/10 weeks (Teaching Language: English);

RMB 3,000/ 10 weeks (Teaching Language: Chinese)

Spotlight Saturday Stage School

Spotlight is a performing arts school for children and young adults aged 3-18 years. At Spotlight, our aim is to nurture children’s creativity and harness their originality to create powerful performers both on and off the stage. Our vision is to help cultivate confidence within each and every one of our students.

Time:09:00-10:00; 10:15-11:15; 11:30-12:30

Age Group: 9-11 years

Fee Structure: RMB 2,000/10 weeks

We look forward to your child/children’s participation at our Weekend Enrichment Programme. Please feel free to contact us at hello@triols.sgshould you have further queries or follow us on WeChat by scanning the QR-code below. 

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