Learn and Grow as Partners in Our Lifelong Learning Village

Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.”

 Bob Keeshan

At SSIS, we are committed to developing in our students a passion for life and learning. Our love for lifelong learning extends to the SSIS staff, faculty and even our parents as well. Hence, this lifelong learning journey is something we encourage and actively promote to our parents through our Parent Education Programme (PEP). Through it, we hope that parents can join us and grow together as a community.

SSIS’s Parent Education Programme (PEP) is centred on the premise that parents are their child’s first and most influential teachers. At SSIS, we recognise the importance of partnering parents to create a “village”—a holistic learning environment for our children. The PEP is conducted through the academic year, and there are varied programmes for parents to choose: Foundation of Phonics, Math & Science Workshop, University Application Series, The Adolescent Brain, among many others.

EV3 robotics workshop
University application workshop
Math and science workshop

When we’re in genuine parent-school partnerships.we’re listening very carefully to the aspirations that these families have for their kids, and how we can achieve them together.

Ms Billie Leong, School Principal

Our commitment has been about actively engaging parents in learning and trying to get them to be engaged in their children’s learning. When, in turn, children are engaged, their learning is enhanced.

Ms Cheong Yi Teng, School Community Coordinator
One-Stop Motion Workshop
STEAM workshop
English and Chinese language workshop

This is the perfect way for parents to learn how to support their children’s learning, especially for those beginning to learn the subject. Thank you for arranging this English and Chinese Language Workshop. Wow! I now have tools to help my child.Mother of SHARMA Manasvi

It’s an honour to participate in the Chinese Language Parent Workshop. Thank you, teachers, for sharing your knowledge during the workshop! It made me reflect on my educational journey with my child, and I realised the growth of a child is also the growth of his parents. We taught him how to write and nurtured in him a love of writing and reading. We’re grateful to the school for such a meaningful event, and we hope there will be more opportunities for us to participate again.Mother of Jade LU Yinghao

We highly encourage all parents to sign up for our PEP, there’s something for everyone—so come explore, learn, and be inspired!

Check our website www.ssis.asia>Community> Parent Support Group>Parent Education Programme, to see the full workshop offerings and sign up. If you have any other topics that you are interested in, please email community@ssis.asia.

Join us in our lifelong learning journey today!

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