Celebrating 26 Years of Excellence

Every year on the 3rd of September, the day marks a significant milestone in the history of the school, the SSIS community, and those who have played a part in this remarkable community. With the gathering of all students and staff, we celebrated this special day with our House Shirt Day.

Opening remarks were made by our Head of School Mr David Shirley

Birthdays help you remember the most important people in your life.

And in our school, everyone in this gym is so important. Another important part of the community who are not here today, your mums and dads, are also important members of the SSIS community. We hope to celebrate this special day with them.

Birthdays are also the time to think about all the good things we have done and get excited for the future to come. I hope we will have a wonderful year ahead!

During the celebration, we had teachers and student representatives who shared their special SSIS memories with us.

My favorite memory of being at SSIS is teaching my first class of grade 3 students in 2006. They were impressive students and planned a healthy food display at a school fair, serving fruit smoothies. It was heartwarming to see some of them graduate from SSIS 9 years later.

Mr Garry Hughes, Primary Teacher

There is a lot of gratitude in this school community. I thank the school for providing a high-quality international education system and cultivating students with excellent character. This has made my 21 years of teaching at SSIS such a pleasure.

Mr Yan Zhen, Senior School Chinese Teacher

15 years have passed since I stepped foot onto SSIS as a two-year-old preschooler. I have made my best friends in preschool. I will always be grateful to all the teachers who have supported me through tough times.

A word of advice for all students:  

It’s never too late to start learning.

Don’t give up hope just because you don’t see it.

Seek your dream, believe in it, and chase it.

Christopher Yang, Grade 12

While a lot has changed over the years, we are a much bigger and better school in so many ways. However, one thing has not changed, our purpose – To be a place where we nurture Future Global Leaders with a strength of character and love for humanity.

Today was a special day of honoring the excellence that SSIS has fostered and the school spirit of striving for excellence every day.

Happy 26th Birthday, SSIS!

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