Message from Campus Principal (Operations)

T1W2 – 9 September 2022

A warm welcome to a brand-new school year! We hope to share the latest updates and reminders to all our families.

  1. PCR testing in school takes place between 0915-1030 on school days. We recommend parents and students to check their PCR testing record on their mobile device to ensure that the test done in school is captured and students will be able to report to school with a valid 24-hr code the next day. While there can be different reasons why the test is not captured, we ask parents to bring their child have a PCR test done after school if this happens and show a screenshot of the test results the next morning to the bus monitor or duty teacher at Gate 1. 
  1. We hear of concerns regarding swabbing. Research shows that the type of swab used is different from the cotton buds that we use at home. Moreover, they do not contain any cancer-causing agent or substance. Thus, they are safe for use. We also verified with our medical provider for all our PCR tests, which is the same provider for all schools in Huacao Town. 
  1. Travelling out of Shanghai during the weekends or over the school breaks? Parents must submit a Travel Declaration for each student prior to the travel. Essential travel to low-risk areas requires students to take 2 PCR tests within a 3-day period after returning to Shanghai. The results must be submitted to the school for the student to return to school. Should your travel destination change its risk level, then the corresponding quarantine requirements will be enforced instead. 
  1. The majority of Self-Pick up for Primary and Senior School students start from 1545 onwards. 
    We recommend that you plan to arrive closer to the time your child is dismissed so that you do not have to wait too long in line. Also, we reiterate that parking on the road is limited to one lane so as not to cause excessive disruption to the general public and other road users.

For more information on campus safety and access to submission links, please refer to COVID Safety Measures – Shanghai Singapore International School 上海新加坡外籍人员子女学校 (