SSIS Young Artists Give Art for Hearts

One of our goals at SSIS is to develop in our students a love for humanity, which was recently beautifully demonstrated by 15 Primary and Senior School students. They brought to life SSIS’s vision of nurturing students to have compassion and empathy towards others by contributing 17 personalised artworks to Heart to Heart Shanghai, a 100% volunteer-operated non-profit organisation and that helps to provide surgeries to children from impoverished communities across China. 

Heart to Heart Shanghai will be showcasing the donated artworks at their fourth annual “Art for Hearts” Art Sale in late October.  All of the proceeds from the sold art pieces will be used by the organisation to provide lifesaving heart surgeries to children who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

The SSIS community contributes to various community outreach projects every year.  Through such projects, students learn and volunteerism teaches them to be responsible, compassionate global citizens. Our Parent Support Group also plans and organises community projects on campus to contribute to those who are less fortunate. 

At SSIS, we believe that it is our responsibility to encourage our students to be compassionate and empathetic. This will help them to successfully balance their academics with personal and social development, so that they can understand their role and responsibility in society. 

Words from some of our young artists

I like drawing pictures a lot. I wish my drawings will be sold. It will be fantastic if the money can be used to help the people who needs it. 

—Li Peiyi, Grade 5

I like drawing pictures very much. This time I drew one piece called “Deer with Nine Color” which is a famous fiction story from Dun Huang, China. I wish i could be that deer in the story, trying my best to help people who need it. At the same time, I will continue to practice more to improve my drawing skills. I think I can do it! 

—Isabella Sun, Grade 2

I think donating is necessary as we must support other people in many ways, as there are people that are less fortunate than you. Also, through purchasing art, you would get something you enjoy looking at and value later on while contributing to a greater cause.  

—Egor Tsikhanovich, Grade 8

I am really happy to find out that my art was going for Heart to Heart! It’s great to know that my efforts will go into saving lives. 

—Maryam Zubair Siddiqui, Grade 8

Future Global Leaders

with Strength of Character

and Love for Humanity

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