Happy 24th Birthday, SSIS!

To paraphrase Elizabeth Browning’s poem, “Oh SSIS, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways”. The school’s 24th-anniversary celebration on 3 September brought forth an outpouring of love and pride, evident from the wall of messages that our students wrote to the school on our special day.

We set up a huge backdrop where students posted their well wishes and messages of school pride. The wall was filled with red Post-its and here are some of our favourites today:

“I am proud to be in SSIS because I love my teachers and I love my classes!”

“I am proud to be in SSIS because there are many amazing facilities in school that students can use and enjoy!”

The heartwarming messages show the love and spirit that bind this community. In just over 24 years, SSIS has grown from its humble beginnings at the Sun Island Golf Resort to our integrated campus in Minhang. Our new state-of-the-art facilities—the Integrated Learning Centre and Performing Arts Centre—ensure we are looking beyond the next 24 years to future-proof our students for the 21st century.

No birthday celebration is complete without a birthday cake, and this year we also celebrated with three students who shared the same birth date as SSIS! They helped our CLT to cut the cake, and each received a handwritten birthday card to honour their (and our) special day!

It is through the SSIS community that we are able to know each other, help and encourage each other, and find common ground to learn together and go forward in unison.

Happy Birthday, SSIS!

Together, We Are Stronger!

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