High Achievers of the University of Waterloo Math Competitions

One of the major goals of the Mathematics department for 2017-18 was to engage the students of SSIS in more extra-curricular Mathematics competitions. We know we have outstanding students, but we wanted to know how they stack up against other international students. We also wanted to stretch and extend our high Mathematics achievers who would benefit from additional challenges on top of the accelerated Mathematics programme that we provide. 

Some of the most rigorous, reputable and long-standing International Mathematics competitions are the University of Waterloo Math competitions which are available for Grade 7-12 students.  Students who sit the G12 (Euclid) exams can then apply for a scholarship to the University of Waterloo – especially if they score well in that test.  We are encouraging our grade 11 students to take this test as entering such a reputable external examination looks very good on your transcript.  

In all, 34 SSIS students undertook these exams. We were proud to find that 12 of the 19 students who competed in the G9 (Pascal), G10 (Cayley), G11 (Fermat) and G12 (Euclid) exams were awarded Distinction, having scored in the top 25% of the world in their respective competition. The top four of the 15 G7 and G8 Gauss competitors were also awarded a distinction grade.

We are very proud of our University of Waterloo Math competitors and we are looking forward to even better scores next year!

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