Home-School Partnership: Parent Teacher Conference 2018

SSIS is committed to working in partnership with parents in the education of their children, and strives to develop effective two-way communication channels between home and school.

One of the ways is through face-to-face meetings with parents during our annual Parent-Teacher Conference. This meeting is on a one-to-one basis, where teachers give feedback of their students’ learning progress and achievements in school. Parents also have the chance to get to know their child’s teachers and have their queries answered.

On 24th November and 1st December, we had a very fruitful Parent-Teacher Conference with parents in both Xuhui and Minhang campuses respectively. 

Many parents gave positive feedback after meeting the teachers, and so did our teachers.

Ms. CHIA Phyllis 

Mathematics Teacher (MH Senior school)

“It is at PTC, where I get to meet the parents face-to-face to affirm their child’s strengths, to brainstorm ideas on helping the child overcome his or her weaknesses and we collaborate to draw the best out of their child’s potential and abilities. The time we spent with the parents was very precious and meaningful!”

Mr. GOH Eric 

Form Teacher of G5 Ruby (XH Primary)

“PTC is an important event for parents, teachers as well as students. It allows teachers to highlight the strengths of our students. This platform also helps parents and teachers to work together to empower our students to improve themselves. Conversations often build good rapport with our partners in education.”

SSIS: Enhancing school–family relationships to help each child develop his/her fullest potential.

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