Congratulations to Our Promising Mathematicians!

One of the major thrusts of SSIS is to provide our students with multiple pathways to success. And one of the ways is through providing various internal and external platforms for students to showcase their talents and stretch their potential in both academics and non-academics.

Every year, the Mathematics department engages the students in extra-curricular Mathematics competitions. This is to stretch and extend our Mathematics achievers who benefit greatly from these additional challenges.

University Of Waterloo Math Competitions

This year, students from grades 7-11 undertook the University Of Waterloo Math Competitions. We were proud to announce that 72% of our grades 9-11 students were awarded Distinction, positioning in the top 25% of the world ranking in their respective contest.

About University of Waterloo Math Contests

The University of Waterloo Math Contests are some of the most rigorous, reputable and long-standing International Mathematics competitions which are available for grades 7-11 students around the world. It is hosted by the Canadian Center for Mathematics and Computer Education (CEMC), the Department of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo, the world’s largest mathematics college.

Preparing for Success

Our enthusiastic Mathelets students have spent quality time practising problem-solving and preparing for contests during the Math Competition After School Programme, conducted by our Senior School Math Department. This process has enabled our students to get used to a different genre of questions and improved their mathematical skills.

Further Benefits

  • These contests inspire students to get excited and passionate about math, increase their enjoyment and understanding in this subject.
  • Problem solving skills and thinking outside the box are often tested in a math contest. Taking part in contests can stretch students’ limits and challenge them to develop invaluable skills and mathematical thinking.
  • Entering reputable competitions hosted by tertiary education can add weight to students’ university application. Students who sit for the higher level Waterloo contests can also apply for a scholarship to the University of Waterloo – especially if they have scored well in that contest. 

SSIS Math Curriculum

SSIS is renowned for our Singapore Math Curriculum. Our Math Curriculum aims to develop in students skills such as thinking, reasoning, communication, application and metacognition through a mathematical approach to problem solving. This has allowed our students to access and achieve at top competitions and international testing against other international students all over the world.

Congratulations to the following students who have received the Certificate of Distinction
(top 25% of the world ranking)
  • LEE Hyunjun  (G7)
  • LI Gan Lin (G7)
  • LIM Ching Suan (G7)
  • CHO Namha  (G8)
  • SHI Zhengguo  (G8)
  • Edison ZHOU (G8)
  • FUJII Eita (G8)
  • LEE Sangmin (G9)
  • PARK Seunghwarn (G9)
  • HEO Eun Seo (G10)
  • LIM Jing Rui  (G10)
  • Lucas Xie  (G10)
  • ZHANG Junzhe  (G10)
  • JUNG Se Yeon (G11)
  • HOO Xin Yi  (G11)
  • CHEN Yun Ze  (G11)
  • HE Qixin  (G11)
  • Goh Cheng Wei  (G11)
  • LEE Gwon Jae (G11)
  • Paarth SHARMA  (G11)

At SSIS, we provide multiple pathways of excellence for our students by providing various internal and external platforms for students to showcase their talents and stretch their potential. 

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