Our Close Knit Community | Thank You Parent Volunteers

At SSIS, we are very fortunate to have a close-knit community consisting of teachers, students, support staff and parents. We understand that close partnership with parents plays a vital role in the success of a child’s education and this partnership helps to build strong community bonds. As such, we strongly believe that the participation and engagement of parent volunteers are an integral aspect of that partnership.

We want to express our appreciation to the dedicated PSG Executive Committee and active parent volunteers who have contributed in many ways – big and small to the school. When it comes to creating a special school community, we certainly could not do it without their generous support. Despite being an unusual school year, our parents were nothing less than supportive.

Fundraising during Christmas
Making decorations for musicals
Sponsoring treats on children’s day
Organising school events such as Teacher Appreciation Lunch and so much more throughout the year

SSIS families, teachers, and administrators have one thing in common–we want the best educational experience possible for our students. It’s what brings us together at SSIS, and what continues to unite us as partners in the process. Thank you for allowing us to learn and grow with your children, and thank you for being part of our SSIS family.

Thank YOU for making a difference!

You make SSIS a better place.

Ms Francisca

Thank you to the school for such a beautiful and lovely garden party. Really appreciated for all the hard work.

Ms Sophie

A very nice treat and memorable day! Thanks for all the arrangement!

Ms Prudence

I wish to extend our heartfelt thanks for hosting this wonderful and memorable appreciation lunch for us, you had definitely made our day! Words can’t describe enough, seeing the details from the gifts, the food and the decorations. We will like to thank all who have been involved in the planning and execution of this event!

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