“Footprint” Showcasing Student Talent

SSIS has officially launched the 13th annual edition of Footprint, a Chinese anthology.

This year’s issue has two exciting highlights. A section dedicated to the 25th anniversary of SSIS has been added and 25 works from different departments were selected for it. While the anthologies usually include writing pieces from Primary and Senior School students, the latest issue has 25th anniversary artworks from the preschoolers. This provides a platform for students in all divisions to showcase their creative talents. 

Footprint serves as the voice of the students and reflects their growth and development. Their kind, brave and tenacious attitudes are exhibited in their works. 

Head of School Mr David SHIRLEY praised the release of the publication and the excellent work of the students. “SSIS is proud of our strong Chinese Language and Culture programme, and this collection of work symbolises the determination and commitment of our students.” 

Click here to browse or download ‘Footprint’.

SSIS is committed to developing students’ extensive use of language and immersion in Chinese culture and experience, and to providing a platform for students to participate confidently and actively in essay activities. 

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