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Akshat joined SSIS since 2010. Other than achieving excellence in his academics, he has shown dedication and commitment in many other student-led initiatives as well. In fact, he co-created a CAS project called VR project, in order to raise awareness on our impact as a society on the planet. Askhat has written excellent articles, using social media as a powerful tool to reach people across the world. He has been an active member of Youth Environment Summit where he has developed public speaking skills on global issues. He was also one of the founding members of BYOS (Build Your Own School) project.

Read on for his sharing of his passion and future ambitions:


What’s your ambition, how did you discover it and what do you hope to achieve in life?

My main ambition in life is to work on and innovate technology to make our day-to-day lives easier. I believe a lot of the problems the world faces today, from simple to complex, can be solved through the use of technology, especially computer systems. The world around us is made with different models of a computer, be it a washing machine, or wireless communication, we are surrounded by technology that makes our lives easier.

What fascinates me is the strong correlation between humans and computers. Overtime, I have recognized that computers are just like us, but they have the ability to perform much more complex tasks than humans. I hope to utilize this exact ability to provide smart, simple and sustainable solutions to tackle problems we face.


Why did you start your VR Project and What have you learnt from this?

Along with technology, I have been extremely passionate about creating awareness. A big problem that the world faces today is the lack of awareness, and this often results in extreme consequences, be it the spread of a virus leading to a global pandemic, or getting caught up in the web of false information. That’s why my co-founder (Rudra Upadhyaya) and I started the VR Project for the sole purpose of spreading awareness. Running the VR Project has been a delightful experience, as not only are we making a profound impact on someone’s awareness, but also learning leadership and organizational management skills outside of the classroom.


Tell us about your University Choices.

I had applied to 10 universities, some of which include the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of British Columbia, so on and so forth. I applied to these universities due to their high caliber of education, as well as their strong Co-op programmes. I have currently accepted my offer to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.


Tell us more about your intended major?

My intended major is Computer Engineering. It is a compelling blend of the two worlds of Computer Science and Engineering, which I truly find intriguing. More importantly, the major enables me to perfectly pursue my interests, such as Embedded Systems and Artificial Intelligence.


How did the school help you in the application process?

The SSIS Counselling team and teachers have played a pivotal role in my applications.

Firstly, Mr. Donagher has always been supportive throughout the application, and despite a hectic schedule, he always found time for answering any questions I had as well as giving excellent advice.

The teachers as well have been nothing short of exceptional, from giving me advice about universities, to writing recommendation quotations and letters. No words can express my gratitude towards all the teachers and the counselling department at SSIS. They have truly shaped who I am as a student today, and through their assistance, I have made it to my dream University.  

Message from Mr Alberto OSORIO

IGCSE, IBDP Physics teacher

I have had the pleasure of knowing Akshat since 2017. I met him when he joined my IGCSE Physics Class in Grade 9th. Since then, I have seen Akshat’s knowledge growing across all the main fields of Physics. 

Akshat has always displayed a positive attitude in learning, because of that, he has been nominated to different academic awards in the school, such as: Best in Computer Science in 2018, Best in History in 2019 and best in Chemistry and History in 2020. His enthusiasm and motivation for science have also led him to develop his critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. He has become confident asking questions, collaborating well with others and showing kindness and respect to his peers and teachers.

I wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

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