SSIS Scholarships Open For Application

SSIS celebrates more than two decades of excellence and anticipates more successes in the years ahead. The school wants to recognise our students’ relentless effort in living up to the School Motto: “Strive for Excellence”.

This is our third year offering scholarships to our students. The scholarships are intended to motivate and retain the best students as well as attract other new high achieving, well-rounded students.

We are looking for candidates who are going to make a difference in the SSIS community—students who lead, who excel academically and are talented in a sport or music, or students who care about the world and the people around them.

Three Types of Scholarships Offered

1. SSIS IBDP Scholarship Award

  1. SSIS IBDP ‘Excellence’ Scholarship Award
  2. SSIS IBDP ‘Merit’ Scholarship Award

2. SSIS Aesthetics Scholarship Award

3. SSIS Athletics Scholarship Award

SSIS IBDP Scholarship Award

The SSIS IBDP Scholarship Award goes to students entering Grade 11 on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at the start of each academic year in August. Current G10 and G11 students are eligible to apply.

There will be two tiers of scholarships awarded:

  • The SSIS IBDP ‘Excellence’ Scholarship Award, which pays 100% of the tuition fee along with a technology voucher, with the total award valued at approximately RMB 570k.
  • The SSIS IBDP ‘Merit’ Scholarship Award, which pays 50% of the tuition fee along with a technology voucher, with the total award valued at approximately RMB 290k.

* Based on a two-year IB Diploma Programme. More details will be shared with the award recipients regarding the technology voucher.

SSIS Aesthetics Scholarship Award

The SSIS Aesthetics Scholarship Award is given to highly-talented individuals who possess outstanding performance and arts achievements, meeting expectations for academic and community involvement. 

The scholarship pays 50% tuition fee and is subjected to renewal at the end of each academic year. Current G6 to G11 students are eligible to apply.

SSIS Athletics Scholarship Award

The SSIS Athletics Scholarship Award is given to highly-talented individuals who possess outstanding sports achievement, meeting expectations for academic and community involvement. 

The scholarship pays 50% tuition fee and is subjected to renewal at the end of each academic year. Current G6 to G11 students are eligible to apply. 

Application Requirements

In addition to the submission of application papers and other required documents, potential candidates will be invited for an interview conducted by the SSIS scholarship committee. The results will then be released to the candidate(s) in writing and announced to the community.

For more details on scholarships and to download the application forms, please visit website tab: ADMISSIONS > SSIS SCHOLARSHIPS

Key Dates

  • Application & Renewal deadline (for existing SSIS students):No later than noon, Monday, 11, May 2020.
  • Invitation sent out to short-listed candidates:Friday, 15 May 2020.
  • Interviews with the scholarship committee:Week commencing Monday, 18 May 2020.
  • Final announcement of scholarship award recipients:Before Tuesday, 1 Sept 2020.

Scholarship Renewal

  • Scholarship holders who have continued to achieve excellence throughout the academic year are eligible to request the renewal of their scholarship in the next academic year.
  • The Scholarship Renewal has to be submitted to the respective Director/Coordinator or Divisional Principal.
  • The current scholarship holder has to submit the required application form without the personal statement and references before the published dates.
  • The scholarship holders will be informed on the status of their scholarship renewal on the last school day.

If you have any enquiries, please email:

Andrew BULLA, Class of 2019
IBDP Excellence Scholarship recipient

I think the scholarship committee looks beyond just grades. Most people who applied have fantastic grades as a basis, so I believe it has to do with personality and attitude towards academics, above anything else—maybe the scholarship interview board saw these qualities in me.

Arundhati GORE, G12
IBDP Excellence Scholarship recipient

I think one of the qualities that helped me stand out last year was my persistence and commitment to a variety of things. During IGCSE, I realised the importance of being focused and committed. I was continually working to improve myself and striving to achieve more. I think that drive was visible in my results.

Gabriel TAN, Class of 2019
IBDP Merit Scholarship recipient

It never hurts to be a more well-rounded person by taking part in after school and external activities. I participated in Model United Nations, the track team and robotics club, which allowed me to gain experiences. It’s good to form positive relationships with your teachers, they can also guide you with your personal essay.

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