Celebrating Remarkable IGCSE Results

SSIS is immensely proud of the Grade 10 cohort of 2021 who performed excellently at the sitting of the IGCSE examinations, which are significant as they support our senior students in moving towards their IBDP and matriculation pathway.

As with the recently released IBDP results, we have much to celebrate with our IGCSE results. They have shown that with determination and hard work, outstanding results can be achieved despite being thrust into uncertain times due to Covid-19.

Overall, 23.9% of the cohort attained 7 A*s or above, 33% of the students got 6 A*s and above and 51% obtained 6 A*-As and above.

We would like to congratulate our top achievers and acknowledge their perseverance and dedication.

These outstanding students have spent an average of five and a half years at SSIS. A third of them are embarking on their 10th year or more at SSIS this academic year. This is a strong testament of our K-12 curriculum and community spirit which have provided them with a strong foundation for their senior years education.

This year, there was also an increase in the number of A*-A scores achieved by this cohort as compared to the previous two years.

  • Percentage increase of A* grades: 88.0% and 35.1% compared to 2019 and 2020 respectively
  • Percentage increase of A*-A grades: 39.5% and 6% compared to 2019 and 2020 respectively

In our pure sciences, our students obtained excellent results with:

  • 70% A*-A in Physics
  • 65.6% A*-A in Biology
  • 66.7% A*-A in Chemistry

In our language subjects, our proficient students obtained a 100% pass rate with:

  • 66.7% A*-A in First Language Chinese
  • 53.6% A*-A in First Language English
  • 69.6% A*-A in Chinese as Second Language
  • 100% A*-A in Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese

In our Mathematics subjects, our students obtained excellent results, which is a testament to our rigorous Singapore Math Curriculum from the primary years onwards:

  • 78.6% A*-A in Additional Mathematics:
  • 51.3% A*-A and 74.4% A*-B in Mathematics

Some other subjects that our students have performed outstandingly in are:

  • Music: 100% A*-A
  • Drama: 100% A*-A
  • Computer Studies: 90% A*-A
  • Global Perspectives: 75% A*-A

It has been yet another remarkable year for our IGCSE graduates of 2021. Despite an uncertain climate with Covid-19, our students have persevered and excelled as the accolades of A* to A grades alone makes SSIS sail way ahead of its competitors. I am so proud of our amazing students, dedicated staff and our family that is the SSIS community. I know that this year is going to be an even better and brighter one for us all.

Shireen Naidoo
IGCSE coordinator

I am delighted to be returning to SSIS and another year of excellent IGCSE results. The students have shown impressive resilience as they remained focused on their studies during their pandemic-disrupted IGCSE study years. I want to thank all of the SSIS teachers that have gone out of their way to support the students through e-learning and additional study classes. I would also like to thank all parents for their confidence and trust in our faculty and school.

Steven Gaynor
Senior School Principal

Congratulations to our students and we wish them all the best as they embark on their IBDP journey!

Together, let’s strive for excellence!

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