Founder’s Day | A celebration to remember

There was an impeccable show of unity as we celebrated our much-anticipated Founder’s Day on Friday, 3 September, marking our 25th anniversary. Themed ‘The New Chapter’, the new school-wide house system was officially launched, whereby all students and staff now have a house they belong to. The four houses are AmberRubyPearl and Sapphire.

All SSIS students and staff added an extra splash of colours to our campus by donning the new T-shirts representative of their respective houses. To amplify the celebrations and reinforce team spirit, the school gifted everyone with an SSIS commemorative pin set.  

The day started with everyone in high spirits, with speeches from our Head of School and Campus Principal. Students and staff also sang the anniversary and school songs with great enthusiasm and pride.  

The Tree of Wisdom Wall was unveiled, the creativity leaving viewers awestruck. As part of anniversary celebrations, students in all levels reflected on the meaning of our school motto “strive for excellence”. They represented their thoughts by painting a leaf to add to the mural wall. The Tree of Wisdom was planted outside the school in 2006 on SSIS’s 10th anniversary. It is symbolic of how our generation of learners grow from seedlings into global citizens.  

The Tree of Wisdom Wall

The much-awaited house system was finally launched with a speech by Mr Tony Rampton, Director of Student Development, and with the opening of the house flags and a talented marching band. Very excitedly, students gathered according to the houses they belonged to, and participated in a variety of games, re-enforcing bonds across different grades and school divisions and departments.  

Great house systems help schools grow spirit and connectiveness. They provide an avenue for healthy and positive competition and they give multiple leadership opportunities to both students and staff. They encourage friendships that can also develop across multiple year levels.  

Head of School

Mr SHIRLEY’s words echoed the school’s strategic thrust to develop a unified school identity and a greater sense of pride and belongingness in the community. 

SSIS believes it is imperative to build a resilient and cohesive school community so that home, school and the wider community all work together to create an environment that best supports the learning, development and well-being of all students. 

We look forward to our series of anniversary events throughout the school year, including our 25th Anniversary Exhibition and Anniversary Concert

#SSIS25 The New Chapter, Stronger Together! 

Happy birthday, SSIS! 

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